Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stash Report Sunday February 12, 2012

Fabric Added this week:  0 yards
Fabric Added in February: 0 yards
Fabric Added this Year: 1 yards
Fabric Used this week:1.5 yards
Fabric Used in February1.625 yards
Fabric Used this Year14.5 yards
Stash Enhanced/Reduced: 13.5 yards 
     I have been sewing but haven't finished piecing the top.(I will show pictures and details on Design Wall Monday.)  I need 2 4.5 by WOF" pieces of flip flops black by Debi Hron to finish the border. My math wasn't quite right. I ran out of fabric before I ran out of border. So to the internet I went (Oh, how DD#1 would be proud of me!) and found a yard on eBay which was very expensive. So next week I have fabric coming in but should be able to finish quilt top too. It will be coming with me to DD#1's for our Mardi Gras mom & daughter & friends' retreat hopefully to be quilted. This quilt is for  for an foster grandson who thinks he isn't getting a quilt from Geema at graduation like all the 'regular' grandchildren. Then maybe he will give Spirit back her PINK FROG quilt.
      Lorenzo has been quite the escape artist this week. He has gotten out at least three times this past week and took out for places far far away. I think he does it so he can get a ride in the vehiclesEach time all we have to do is open the car or camper door and he comes running to jump in. Only problem is he loves to put his paws on the steering wheel and watch where we are going imitating the  driver. He gets mad when he is put on the passenger side of the vehicle
    I have started quilting Saint Stars 2 and it is looking good.  I work on it for 30 minutes and then work on piecing for an hour and then repeat the process. It is going as slow as molasses flows in February but it is getting done.LOL
   Lator Gators. I am off to quilt some more. Keep making Lemonade from Life's Lemons.


  1. We had a dog like that too! It was always an adventure when he got out. I remember one time he got out and a kind sweet lady found him first and walked him back to our house in the rain.

  2. Great stash management this year. Glad you were able to find the fabric to finish your borders. That can be so frustrating.

  3. Bad lorenzo! Tell him not to discuss this escape thing with DiNozzo. I don't need a basset with boundless energy out following his nose!