Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Wonderings

   Sunday I received a call from a friend about an old machine they wanted to sell. I was interested b/c the way she described it sounded like a small treadle which I really want. So after we got home that afternoon and rested, DH called and asked again about the machine. 
  We drove to their home to find that it wasn't a treadle. However, it is a Fleetwood (a Japanese knock-off of the Singer machines made from 1940 to 1960) which makes it about my age. It runs but needs some TLC. The cabinet is darling but also needs TLC and  minor repairs. She also included the chair and everything in its storage area (lots of old buttons etc.) Her son decided to give it to us b/c he knew it would be coming to a good home. Now I need to find the manual for Mac which is proving to be difficult. 
  Well, DD#1 sent home another quilt to bind so I am going back to binding.
Lator Gators!  Remember Mind Over Matter - in other words - If you don't Mind, it don't Matter! 


  1. LOL! I just got it.....Fleetwood Mac!


  2. Great name!
    The old machines are often better than the new ones because of the metal gears. I hope you find a manual for it. I would be excited about the old buttons as much as the old machine!