Friday, June 8, 2012


outside my window...night is falling.
i am thinking...why doesn't the slide show work on  my iPad.
i am thankful least getting it to work on my computer.
i am remembering...a wonderful 3 day visit in NO.
i am keep working at getting the slideshow to work properly
i am hoping...that someone will tell me what I am doing wrong.
i am looking forward to... Tuesday sew day.
i am would get easier.
i am currently reading...blogs and internet instruction on slideshows.
one of my favorite things...sitting drink a cup of coffee while my puppies play at my side.
   I am having trouble understanding why the slide show works on my computer but not on anyone else's. I can see Glen's but not mine on my iPad. 
  HELP! Please! I hate not being able to figure this out.
Lator Gators. I am going back to research why!

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry you are having this frustration. When I was setting my slideshop up, it was very frustrating. I remember vividly saying a few expletives while in the process.

    It took several attempts to get the slide shows working. And one failed and failed and failed and never got to working, so I deleted the whole shebang.

    In fact, it was a pain in the patooty so much that when I got someone elses quilts to show, I just left them! Funny, but the top slideshow is someone else's quilts from flickr. Go figure.

    I was just so happy to get one to work.....

    Then one day, I opened up my blog and VOILA! there was mine right below it, but not my quilts. geez.