Tuesday, June 5, 2012


outside my window...it is getting hot!
i am thinking...God closes one door but opens another which you will see if you just believe.
i am thankful for...all God has provided.
i am remembering...my brother's hugs.
i am missing...my workout partner. 

i am going...to NO with DGD#2 and DH for 3 days to act like northern tourists or at least DGD#2 and I are. DH will be in the casino where it is cool.(I still don't know exactly what that means, but DGD#2 has an agenda based on what she thinks tourists do in NO.)
i am hoping...the weather is cool and rain less so DGD#2 can take lots of great photos and I won't melt. 
i am looking forward to... museum, buggy ride, walking, and cemetery tours.
i am listening to...sounds of Lorenzo picking on Lilly.

i am wishing...we could work out whatever is making you so angry at me.
i am currently reading...blogs and Stars by Magic.
one of my favorite things...sitting in my half way done screen porch sipping a glass of ice water with zydeco playing and the dogs sleeping under my chair.
     We are getting ready to start a new adventure this morning. Lorenzo is mad since he is not invited and has to stay home and protect Lilly and Leeapaul from invaders. LOL
Lator Gators. It is past time to pack. Keep making Lemonade for Life's Lemons b/c God will provide just enough sweetener to make it perfect.


  1. Sometimes there is no reason for the anger except that inside of the angry person.

    You know I love you. Here is a hug


    my love to you, glen

    1. I know but I wish it could be resolved. Thanks for the hug-I neededit.