Thursday, June 14, 2012

Screen Porch Update

outside my window...there is not the sound of hammering as there should be at this time.
i am is hard for a day person to live with 2 night people.
i am thankful for...getting my screen porch 3/4 done.
i am remembering...all the quilts I need to bind.
i am keep working at getting the slideshow to work properly. It works on my computer but not on my iPad or my daughter's. I don't know if it works on others.
i am hoping...that someone will tell me what I am doing wrong with the slide show and that my screen porch however ugly gets finished today.
i am looking forward to...when my screen porch is truly the outdoor living space I envision.
i am wishing...a great day Sunday which is not only Father's Day but also my birthday. 
i am currently reading...blogs and internet instruction on slideshows and Stars By Magic.
one of my favorite things...sitting drinking a cup of coffee binding, while my puppies play. Soon we will be able to do it on the screen porch.
   I have been missing in action lately. No Stash Report or Design Wall but I have been working in the studio. I have been working on Bee and Block Swaps and Lotto Blocks. Binding quilts has also taken up a lot on my time. To blog I have to come to the big computer since I don't like the posts from my iPad. I guess I need to learn how to post from my iPhone. So much technology and so little knowledge on my part!
  Well, my coffee, Dottie's quilt, and Lorenzo are waiting, so I am off to drink and bind.
   Keep making Lemonade for the lemons life gives you. God will provide the needed sweetner!
Lator, Gators

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  1. Have you tried using BlogPress from your Ipad to post? It's not bad. blessings, marlene