Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stash Report Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fabric Added: .25 yard birthday fat quarter from KS guild.
Fabric Added in June: 1.25 yard plus scraps
Fabric Added YTD: 37.75 yards
Fabric Used: .25 yard swap block
Fabric Used in June: 1 yards
Fabric Used YTD: 60.25 yards
Stash Reduction22.5 yards
     This week I have been binding a quilt for a friend.  I will be working on bindings for a few weeks to come. DD#1 has had a burst of productivity with quilting and the deal is she quilts and I bind. Time to get busy.    .....      (Sammie and Friend)
     We have also been working on my new screen porch.There is always a breeze blowing and if not I have a fan blowing. The porch will be exactly what I envisioned by this time next year. With my DH, you have to move slowly one baby step at a time but if you are stay with it, you get exactly what you want. LOL   Right now we are working on getting the table cleared of my DH's collection of "Mr. Hard-Time savings" or what I call JUNK! Oh Well, my collection of scraps is 'Mr. Hard-Time savings' or as DH calls them trash. 
Can you tell which is mine?
     I am working on my swap block(s). My partners send me such complicated blocks while I make simple blocks. This block is fantastic, Thank you Susan. You can easily tell which one is mine. Doesn't seem like a fair trade, does it!  So I am making a second block from "Stars by Magic". I am using this book to make all my blocks so the blocks take more fabric than normal. But I get  wonderful extra blocks to experiment with. LOL.   
      Well, Blogger is giving me fits so I am off to enjoy my birthday (today) and Father's Day with DH.
   Remember Mind Over Matter - in other words - If you don't Mind, it don't Matter! 
Lator Gators! 


  1. I have Stars By Magic but haven't actually made anything from it. I wonder how many books I have that I would have to say that about. :( Happy Birthday! blessings, marlene

  2. OH MY GOSH! happy Birthday to you! I didn't know!!!! But NOW I do!