Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January "Get it Done" UFO/PhD Goal List

One of my quilting goals is to finish 1 UFO or PhD each month. This means getting it to the flimsy stage with a backing and binding. Having it quilted will depend on Dee's schedule or money or me being brave enough to try quilting on shop's machine / home machine.
 Goal 1: UFO/PhD list for January
 1) Kristin's quilt - Make label.  I finished binding 12/31/13 at 9am. 
  2) Camille's quilt - needs to be hand bound and label made. Now working on binding(12/31/13).
  3) Garden Maze quilt - Make binding strips, handbind, and label.
  4) Sammie's quilt - needs borders, hand quilting in Neon threads, make/apply binding, and make/apply label. Backing is made!
  5)Tom Kat quilt - Make binding strips, handbind, sew down face, mouse, hole, ball, & label.
  6) Wanda's red quilt - blocks need to be made into flimsy, with borders, backing, binding, and label.
  7) Wanda's Lady Bug quilt - blocks made into flimsy with sashing, borders, backing, binding, and label.
  8) Big Chris' quilt - finish machine quilting, binding, and label. I won't start this one until Sammie's is done!
  9) Make 10 more blocks for mystery.
10) Work on Soccer Beauty- made into flimsy, borders added, backing, binding, and label. I have decided against my quilting it myself so now I will put it together and add it to the to-be-quilted pile for Dee.
As you can see, I have lots of binding to do which is early morning and evening work and labels to make! As I finish one, I start the next so hopefully they will all get done in 2014.
Goal 2: Organization of studio
  1) Put all fabrics on bookcase.
  2) Clean den for 30 minutes at a time with goal of 90 minutes a week in Jan. doing this will give me a bigger studio space!
Goal 3: New Skills/ NewFO
  1) Fractured Bargello Jacket
  2) Sewing Machine blocks
  3) Uneven Log Cabin blocks
  4) Mini Lone Star
If I manage to finish one step from each goal, I will be happy, happy, happy!

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