Monday, March 14, 2016

Design Wall Monday, March 14, 2016

Goals for Monday 3/15/3016
1. Get ready for the 19th. -i.e.  baby bonnets; stuffed bears; finish iPad holders; finish Tom Cat Quilt to sell etc..  
Collect items to sell at yard sale part.  -i.e. stuff in back closet. I should be able to fill the back of my truck with crafts and stuff by the 19th.

Quite honestly I will be glad when next Saturday is over! I am ready to work on something new and exciting.

Eggs for Placemats w/ Bunny
2.  Work on 1 reverse standing Bunnies for Easter Table Runner & 2 Bunnies (1 of each type) for Placemats- Scrappy Rabbits w/ Scrappy Eggs. 
 3. Kit Block 8 of J&B BOM.4. Finish binding on Soccer Beauty.
5. Finish tying PJ's Sneakers.
6. Set up hand quilting frame in studio.
UFO = Un-Finished Object
WIP = work in progress
PIGS = project in grocery sack
PIT = project in tote
PIW = project in waiting
USO = UnStarted Object
WHIM = work hidden in (my) mind


  1. It looks like everything is coming together. I am sure you will be very glad when the garage sale is over! I almost have all my scrap strips cut, just two more color boxes!

  2. you are a busy girl good luck with everything!