Sunday, March 13, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings

Outside my window ...wet grass, wet sidewalk, wet road, everything is just wet. But not flooded as are most people above I10.
I am life is never dull. Tuesday there was a scary trip to the ER with DH. Wednesday I sewed up a storm as I did every morning this week. (stress reliever) Thursday there was a trip to primary doctor who believes as I do that all the changes in meds caused Tuesday's problem.
Friday we went back to Lafayette for DHs missed steak and our missed trip to JoAnn's & Office Depot. Thank goodness that DD#4 was called to go to work b/c both those places are dangerous for us. I came home with an 32G flash drive, a Cricut Air, and a 5 piece machine travel set plus the items we went to get. DD#4 went home with lots of stuff too. Then Friday night my phone breaks. Saturday I was up at 3am, played with the Cricut, got a new to me phone, finished another 2 pouches, and went to bed by 5pm. This morning DD#4 had to let herself in the house to wake me up to bring her to work. I guess I needed the sleep. Another of my stress relievers!
I am thankful...for DD#4s help in getting a new phone and setting it up. I still don't have my contacts or calendar information but at least I can be contacted.
I am change the clocks to day light savings time. Ugh...why? I would rather more early morning time than late afternoon/evening time.
I am listening to...silence with birds singing in the background.
I am going...try on Monday to find a place that will fix my old phone enough so that I can get the needed appointments and pictures off it. While I don't use the phone much for calls, I do store important appointments on it.
I am hoping...that most everything we bring on the 19th sells so that we have to start over for July or skip except for small items and quilts, and prepare for September and October. LOL
I am looking forward DGS#2s wedding at the end of the month.
One of my favorite things...listening to my DGD#5 dance, sing, and giggle in her room. 
I am long it is going to take for things to dry up so I can finish cutting my backyard and go visit DD#1 whose road is still tailpipe deep with water.
I make a pouch for DD#4 to carry stuff in that is small yet big enough to hold all she wants to hold.
I am sorry...for people who tend to gather those things/people that make them unhappy and then get upset when you don't feel sorry for them.  
Patience is a virtue I do not possess nor plan to cultivate. I just say aloud - if that doesn't make you happy; why allow it/them near you, when you can easily omit by getting rid of it/them or leaving the area.
                          Just thoughts and wonderings

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  1. I am so glad DH is better! And that is was meds. Nothing more serious.