Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stash Report Sunday March 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to DD#4. 37 years ago WOW feels like yesterday especially since you don't look that old yet.
Fabric In: 6 yards for baby-to-tot blankets and pouches
Fabric In for March: 6.5 yards
Fabric Out: 11 yards from 6 pouches + 5 b2t blankets double & single
Fabric Out for March: 11.75 yards
March Stash Reduction5.25 yards
Fabric In YTD:  23 2/12 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 27 9/12 yards
YTD Stash Reduction: 4 5/12  yards.
 Each side of a b2t blanket is 1.25 yards. Doubles use 2 sides and singles use 1. These eat up fabric quickly even when you buy fabric. LOL Each pouch uses up .25+ yard of fabric depending on how big I make them.
   Next is burb pads and bonnets. Not as much quick usage there but I am tired of making pouches and DD#4 is tired of making b2t blankets. So we are switching projects for the next few items. I plan on making at least 2 bonnets and one elongated log cabin project not to mention finishing my Easter runner and table mats.

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