Friday, May 27, 2016

First Trip of Summer

Sporting her new beach attire!
Spirit asked to go to the beach this summer so we did! She did not remember the beach trips we took when she was small. Her mom was off so spur of the moment, we decided to take a day trip to the beach.  Her mom has decided to make this a memorable summer and has been working long hours to get money to do it up tourist style. LOL

Her first banana split and 2 extra in case.
  It was a long day and a lot of driving! But the smiles on her face were worth it all. The child can eat! She and DH broke every rule of eating that they knew!

Hoarder Stelly ready to explore.
DH loved the hat Renee got him b/c you have to have a straw 'pimp' hat (aka Panama) for summer travel. He kept it on even after we got home at exactly midnight. He has to wind down after a trip even when he doesn't drive.
  Now Spirit wants to go camping in Kinder. There is a water park and she loves it there. My memories are not as pleasant as that is where I got so sick last August! But next time her mom has a couple of days off we will go. My sewing machine will come too!

Notice no sun for me!
  Then at the end of June after my birthday and Father's day, we are planning a "walk about" driving trip to Missouri Star Quilt Co. and back down to San Antonio for relaxing with Lynn and DJ. It will have 2 destinations but no planned agenda. If something looks interesting, we stop if not we continue. I think this will be lots of fun! Tiring but fun.
Lator Gators!


  1. Enjoy your summer travels. I generally stay in and stay cool.

  2. Your summer schedule sounds like fun! I have problems sitting in one place for a while too. And I am SOOOOO much younger than you! LOL LOL