Saturday, August 20, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, August 21st

Fabric In This Week: 3 10/12 yards (3 pillowcases + 12")
Fabric In for August: 3 10/12 yards
Fabric Out This Week: 5 9/12 yards (5 pillowcases)
Fabric Out for August: 6 yards
August Stash Movement: 2 2/12 yards
Fabric In YTD:  99 9/12 yards

Fabric Out YTD: 83 9/12 yards
YTD Stash Enhancement: 16 yards

   Quite honestly after dealing with Glenda's fabric, I have had my full of petting fabric. It is heart breaking! She has such beautiful fabric and I won't be able to save a lot of it. But  we are trying to save as much as we can.
  Yes, we! My granddaughter (Spirit), my step daughter (Lisa), and my loving husband helped me sort fabric, and hang quilts and tops to dry. Dirty dry quilts are better than wet dirty quilts since they are easier to carry (weigh less). Our neighbors were very curious about our "quilt show".
  Our septic tank couldn't handle the volume so we are washing and drying at a place in Opelousas. 60 pound washers can take a lot of fabric as do 50 pound dryers!  I plan on getting most if not all washed and dried tomorrow. It will be the perfect time to study sub plans for next week!
  When I left Thursday afternoon, Glenda wasn't smiling, had given up on all the fabric loaded in my truck, and looked totally defeated (that hurt my heart so very much), I truly hope those extra large bins full of clean fabric, tops, and quilts help. If I were closer, I would be there keeping her company but all I can do is wash and dry and pray for my sista/friend.
Lator Gators! Still too many lemons floating around in rising flood waters to make lemonade so hugging my Sugar(DH) while feeling very blessed to be able to help others.. Keeping an eye on the back waters that are still rising in many surrounding communities including DD#1's.



  1. You are amazing my friend. I am indebted to you for so much. Odo-ban works well on the stuff at Paula's

    How can I ever than you enough for being there to,hold me?


  2. It's heartbreaking to hear all about all the damage. Hopefully you can help your friend recover as much as possible. I'll keep all you in my prayers.

  3. I'm so sorry for the losses in something like this. If not lives, a feeling of safety takes time to rebuild

  4. Next time you see Glenda, give her a hug from me! Being 1100 miles away there is nothing much I can do except lend moral support.