Saturday, December 31, 2016


Today is the last day of 2016 and time to start thinking about 2017. 2016 was not a great year but not a truly bad year.  I have been sick a lot in 2016 but still kicking. 
   Now thoughts are turning to 2017. My words for 2017 are going to be LESS and FINISH.
With those words in mind, there are several things I want to do this year. 
1) I want to become more active again.  That way there may be less of me and less sickness in 2017. What a great way for 2017 to FINISH!
2) I want to finish as many UFO as possible while creating less new projects. That way there may be less problems with space in my sewing area, less Stash, and less stress.
3) I want to start and finish repairs in my studio. This will mean less mess in the house and more space to design, piece, and finish projects.
4) I want to de-clutter our living room, bedroom/bathroom, guest room, den, and computer room. Finshing one room every two months will mean less hoarding meaningless items and more room for the things we love.
 5) I want to have more of the things that are important-time for husband, grandchildren and great grandchildren, family, friends, travel, and piecing. Charlie Brown says it perfectly...

Lator Gators see you on the flip side.


  1. Wonderful! I like your new plans and second the healthy new year.

  2. All very good goals. Good luck in meeting meeting them.

  3. What a lovely sentiment to end your post with. Thank you so much for sharing your goals and linking up. Decluttering and removing items really helps me feel less stressed, too, and I hope you have a creatively satisfying year as you work on these goals. Happy New Year!

  4. reading through all these blog posts of our goals for 2017 one common theme seems to be, finishing UFO's ... myself included ... so don't feel alone in that area of life you are living with a crowd .. happy new year

  5. Good luck with your goals in 2017, you've got a very good list to work from.