Monday, December 26, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings the day after Christmas

 Outside my window...birds singing and unseasonably warm weather.
I am listening to...quiet sounds.
One of my favorite things...watching Chris (DGS#9) and DH eat Christmas lunch. Watching them would have made you think it was the first meal they had in a long time. The rice dressing was a hit or miss and apparently it was a home run as was the green bean casserole!
One of my least favorite things...DISHES. I think that is why I don't like cooking because it includes preparation, serving, picking up afterwards, and doing the dishes. Doing the dishes just breaks the camel's back! Oh! and deciding what to cook!
I am missing...visiting with my brother, sister, DGD#2 and my two great grand daughters. Hopefully I will get to see them more now that subbing is over!
I am planning...on working on getting my studio back. It is the elephant lurking in the background. So I will start with the first step-clearing!
I am trying to remember...I forgot! That has been happening a lot lately. I am hoping it is due to having too much on my mind and lack of meds.
I arrange for blood work and a visit to my various doctors starting with my GP. I know he will have lots of fussing to do b/c I have been off my meds for a few weeks/months. Major part of the forgetting!
I am wondering...what comes next! I can say my life is always an adventure! I think there may be lots of doctor visits (GP, Eye specialist, dentist, etc) and tests and possibly surgeries.
I am thinking...I am that my mom was right. I am becoming just like my dad. We called him Scrooge b/c he didn't like Christmas gatherings.  That is how I felt this year --too much gimme and not enough Jesus! Besides how can you really feel Christmasy when it is 81 Outside! 
I am super have a great husband who indulges my every whim!
One more blocks made
I am sewing on...BH's quarter square triangle leader/enders and the Binding Tool stars. I am working on the green round and making more stars blocks. It is time to cut more pieces for both. I am also want to cut out the pieces for a quick table runner.
I am deciding...on how I will construct the next wedding quilt. It has to be Halloween in nature with lots of purple and orange.
Should I... Too many decisions! 
It is time to pay property taxes, health insurance, and make repairs in the house and studio. 
Just ramblings and wonderings

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