Sunday, August 13, 2017

Design Wall for Week of August 13, 2017

TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - continue working on getting blocks to flimsy state.  I am waiting for DD#2 to design a center block since this year's t-shirt is not ready. The back will feature a motorcycle, road map and I think fabric DD#2 gave me from her trip last year, and left over border fabrics from front. Cheryl S approved design of front! I am confident that flimsy and backing will be ready by September possibly sooner.
Ready for rows
TMG 2) Studio  - curing/drying time for floors. Move cutting table into room.
3)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Sew red side rows together using blocks already done.
Another round 
4) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks -  I laid the new design out on my shiny studio floor and love it. Next i will sew it together. Then decide how to extend it to queen size. Another round of off centered star points is appealing to me. I am already thinking about how I  want it quilted. (Don't worry, Dee, I  am thinking blue varigated thread and meander.) It has to be a flimsy by October so DD#1 can quilt it by December 15th. I need to deliver it on Christmas!
5) Insurance- Tricare and I seem to be at odds about my needing insurance coverage. I have tried calling- no luck; mailing forms - no luck; so Wednesday DH and I will travel to base and talk to a real live person. Hopefully, I  will be able to straighten out the problem. On the way there we will stop and deliver tops for DD#1 to quilt and pick up one or two that are done. One for Cheryl H. and one for me (my commision).
6) Lawyer - DH and I need to clear up some legal matters including proper wills. There are lots of criminal, divorce, real estate, and insurance lawyers in this parish, but not so many for family matters. Monday I will be contacting one, I hope!
Lator Gators! I have piecing to do and backs to make.


  1. Try getting an appointment with a lawyer on base-they do wills etc for free.

  2. That blue is stunning! Love the floor. Are you in the studio yet?