Monday, August 14, 2017

To Be or Not To Be

Do I want to...
     Give up early morning blogging/coffee time and my hours in my new studio?
     Spend hours away from DH?
     Spend hours with DD#3?
     Get up at 5am and be dressed professionally, ready to go with lunch by 6am?
     Do all the non-teaching paperwork that teachers have to do?
     Write lesson plans for Math, Science, and Social Sudies?
     Face classes of 25 fifth graders every day for 6 hours?
     Do lunch duty, recess duty, and bus duty?
     Write experiments with lab reports?
     Find or construct PowerPoints for lessons?
     Grade papers and record grades?
     Face disgruntled parents? Or for that matter parents in general?
     Watch the eyes of students light up as they conquer new skills?
     Guess the answer is YES! Once a racehorse - always a racehorse. This goes for teachers too. My mom came out of retirement to teach in the computer lab at the school I was to help lessen my load. Imagine a 35 year high school veteran teaching kindergarteners. Believe me it was a big learning curve for the students and my mom. It was a preview of the future!
     Well, this morning DD#3 called and asked me to sub at her school. The teacher was in a terrible accident and is having surgery today. They dont know when she will be back. The sub that is there now does not meet my daughter's standards for "her kids".  Sub is not doing lesson plans and just gives kids work and sits at desk. This is typical sub behavior but is not good for long term.
  DD#3 wants a sub who will teach "her kids" the skills they need to cover for the first six weeks. Not to mention a sub that can handle discipline and lesson plans.
   How can you not say yes when she says, "Mom, I told the principal that I learned how to teach from you!(She is the leading math teacher in this parish.) You were a great teacher!" (As you can tell, I did not teach English or Grammar.") DD#3 saying that was the greatest compliment I could ever receive from her. But then she said that it would be teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies. She stated she knew the kids were going to have great science lessons. She would help me with Math and Social Sudies; and that if I followed her advice, it would be fine! Great backhanded compliment!
     She didn't know that last year I long-termed subbed for a 5th grade Math, Science, Social Sudies teacher so I am familiar with what is taught. 
     I agreed to start this new adventure Friday/Monday! Wish me luck.

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