Saturday, September 16, 2017


   Today, DGS#9 has a parade to march in. While he is marching, I plan to go get two 4' by 8' foam core panels and a solid core 30" door. The door will become the top to my new sewing desk after DGS#9 paints it. The panels will be hung from a curtain rod and covered with batting to become a much needed design wall. Today, I want to get the cutting table moved to the studio. Hopefully that will happen this weekend or at least by next weekend.
   We are still not finished with the floor in the Studio but we are getting closer! Right now it is a matter of moving heavy stuff (bookcases and drawer units) out of the way so floor can be painted.  To do that I need to pull the bins of fabric etc out of the office/fabric room so that the heavy stuff has a place to go. Clean that room. Then the bins of fabric need to go back on shelves in the office/fabric room. It will get done but slowly. Oh, so slowly! It is overwhelming!

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