Monday, October 2, 2017

Design Wall 10/2/2017

Goal 1:  BBSWQ - Working on the two 5 block rows. I have  of one row done.

GOAL 2:  BH Leader/Ender -- Working on making groups of 4.

GOAL 3: Studio --
 a) Pull 2 bins out of office area and go thru them. I found most of the fabric for Alexis' graduation quilt. The Saints fabric is still MIA as is the GO! die for triangle in a square 4" finished. I will need to plan out this quilt. Lime green and royal blue stars with saints as background with gold as fillers.
 b) Desk - DGS#9 painted solid core door for top. Next we put it on top on the bottom drawer set and I have a new sewing station.

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  1. Oh yeah.....sewing station! Lime and blue background on a saints background? Hmmm.....I'm gonna have to see that!