Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Design Wall October 9, 2017

Goal 1 BBSWQ (Blue Binding Star Wedding Quilt)- Add top and bottom rows to mother ship. Put 3" border all around I  black. Complete flimsy!  Oops! I ran out of black again so off to LQS.
Goal 2: BH Leader/Ender --  Pin and sew side to mother ship. Start assembling last side - trim blocks and sew remaining row.

GOAL 3: Studio --
a) Office - Pull 1 more bin from office area and go thru it. 
b) Floor - Sweep and mop floors.
c) Right side - Straighten and rearrange. Pull all lime green, royal blue, gold, burgundy, silver, and Saints fabrics. Make 2 project boxes for graduation quilts.
  Keep all left over blues together for third graduation quilt. Count Flying Home blocks.
   Hopefully, by next Monday the 16th, BBSWQ will be a completed flimsy ready to travel to DD#1's for quilting. Once BBSWQ is done  I will start the graduation quilts. DGS#9's will be the Leader/Ender for DGD#4's and visa  versa.
  It would be fantastic if BH's 2016-2017 Leader/Ender project would be a flimsy too. It won't go to DD#1 until much much later - October, 2018 so it would be ready for DH's 80th birthday in November, 2018.    DD#1 already has quilting for BBSWQ needed December 2017, 2 graduation quilts needed April 2018, and a wedding quilt due September 2018 that requires custom quilting.
  The 2017-2018 Leader/Ender challenge is Rail Fence with one rail being different. I am thinking of doing this one in blues with one row being black and silver half square triangles. Why? There are lots of blues in my stash and there will be black and silver scraps from DGS#9's quilt. Also blue was requested and black & silver are school colors. It would become the 2018 graduation quilt for DGS#8.  
   Graduation quilt for DGS#9 1/2 (foster) will be blue Flying Home blocks also with silver accents. I need to buy 2 rolls of batting for all these quilts! 
     Just thinking/planning in my head! Looks like there are lots of quilts in my future. However, BBSWQ must be finished first. Then the 2 graduation quilts for this May. Maybe I do need to invest in a quilting machine! Something to look into in Houston. Cheryl will be riding with me on the Saturday. It will be her first-time so it should be fun!
Lator Gators! BBSWQ IS calling!

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