Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thursday Morning Wonderings 10/12/17

Outside my window... darkness. 
I am listening to... silence which is golden.
One of my favorite things... is sewing while I listen to the radio.
One of my least favorite things... ripping out a piece of seam that is 39" long. Fixing missed quilting stitches also is not a favorite activity.
I am missing... the die to start Alexis' quilt.
I am planning... to go to school on Wednesday and to the Krotz Springs guild meeting on Thursday. I am also going to Houston on the Saturday! My friend, Cheryl, is coming for her first time.
I am trying to remember... where the templates for the KS BOM are.
I need... more royal blue and lime green fabrics and some burgundy and silver fabrics.
I am wondering... what pattern to use for DGS#9's quilt that will incorporate the t-shirt. 
I am thinking... it is time to get serious about a quilting machine considering all the quilts I need in 2017-2018. With her work load, DD#1 is falling behind on her own quilts not to mention mine.
I am super thankful... for my wonderful husband. He is the one who is suggesting we buy a longarm. I think he wants BH Leader/Ender quilt before his 80th b-day.
I am sewing on...  BBSWQ (3" borders) and BH Leader/Ender (last row).
I am deciding... on the final location for my sewing table.
My future includes... subbing from October 20 (maybe sooner) to January 9th. Piecing only on weekends and school holidays.
I am hoping... that the quilt that I  donated to Save the Ta-Ta's event will generate some commissions.
Should I...  sit and read blogs or go thru a bin or go sew on BBSWQ and BH Leader/Ender?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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