Sunday, December 24, 2017

Doctor Doctor

   Friday, I went to doctor to see about a problem that developed in June and came to a head a week ago.
    As I expected, he fussed at me and called me a stubborn hardhead woman. He knows me too well!  I can not stand going to the doctor and wait until it becomes a necessity. It seems subbing since October was the wrong thing to do! It raised my activity level and walking irritated the problem. As if I  hadn't figured that out! But it was a mission put in my heart by my Lord, so it was worth it all.
   Doc was upset because I came right before Christmas giving him no time to do anything major. It was however the first  appointment after 3pm available! 
   Then when I explained that San Antonio was my Christmas destination, he really hit the ceiling! Too long a drive; too much walking; not enough resting; on and on he went to NO avail. 

 So based on my sincere promise that I  would stop often; not try to walk San Antonio; spend lots of time resting/sleeping, and would come on the 27th ready to abide by his orders, he gave me meds to calm the problem and pain meds to help me function at a serene level. Constant pain has caused me to be rather short tempered and impatient with people. 
   Well, we made it to SA and that first hug from Trey was worth all the fussing.  A weekend of hugs and good company will go along way towards me getting better.  Doc was right - it is a long drive and there are effects to my body. But nothing that a hug or two won't help! Not to mention a big 2 room suite on base with all the extras a officer gets. We are standing in high cotton as my DH likes to say.
Merry Christmas Gators!

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  1. I can't do all that driving anymore myself. Nova Scotia, we were in the car for 8+ hours each day. Too much. I am begiinning to like cruises more. My whole body hurt and I was so stiff.

    glad you made it safely and got hugs upon arrival!