Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thursday Morning Wonderings 12/21/17

Outside my window... sunrise on another too warm and muggy day.
I am listening to... the iRobot run and spirit giggle.
One of my favorite things... early morning coffee while reading blogs.
One of my least favorite things... having to deal with the drama queen.  I am trying to understand why she needs to cause problems where none exist! All I can think of is that her "victim syndrome" needs feeding. (Don't raise your voice at me and expect me not to do the same. Don't make a gesture behind me and not expect me to turn around and give it back. Letting you be you hasn't worked so now you get what you give.) (Sorry, for the rant!)
I am missing... my mom, dad, brother, etc. Those that went ahead.
I am planning... to go to San Antonio for Christmas.
I am remembering ... why DH and I spent so much time in the car when we first got together.
I need... nothing. I have everything I really need. Wants are another story!
I am wondering... how serious removing that growth at the apex of my legs will be. Doctor's appointment on Friday. 
I am thinking... life is wonderful! Especially when you stop being passive and speak up and act up
I am super thankful... for my wonderful husband.
I am sewing on... BBSWQ's binding, Christmas gifts, and UFO's. 
I am deciding... on what to do for graduation quilts.
My future includes... lots of house  cleaning and sewing.
I am hoping... to make it to Christmas w/o more drama. But it doesn't look like that will happen.
Should I...  sew or embroider or both?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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  1. Embroider, you need some quiet safe time. I forgot you were going to San Antonio for Christmas. I should have included something in your Xmas card....When you leaving? Maybe I can still send it.