Sunday, January 28, 2018

Progress for 1/22/18 to 1/28/18

Sewing Goals: 
1) Gift/Charity Project -  Worked on lap top bag. 
3) PhD - Trash/ Strings (JL #10) -  Got all 10 blocks done now; now I am sewing flimsy center together. 
4) Stalled Project - Changed mind about pattern. Colors for GQ#1 are too diverse.
6) Stash Management/Organization
  • Limit purchases - 0 yards
  • Spend 5 minutes organizing - Gathered fabric for graduation quilt 1.
  • Scraps - Use scraps for Trash/Strings
  • Make fabric storage box - 
  • Use Stash fabric FIRST  
Other Goals
Health - 1) Growth Removal. I now have a doctor and if his staff is representive of him, then this will be a pleasant unpleasant journey. He has scheduled TESTS to find out the extent of problem and then we will decide on treatment plan. 2) Still no energy - pain level increased.
Visiting - See friends at bowling league. DONE 
Acceptance - Do what is necessary to get rid of the slow growing cancer. DOING IT
House - Decluttered one area but ....

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