Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Morning Wonderings

Outside my window... dawn breaking silently w/o color yet.
I am listening to... silence and the fan whirling.
One of my favorite things... reading blogs while drinking coffee.
One of my least favorite things... trying to keep the house clean w/o much help.
I am missing... being able to do my usual morning routine without running out of energy before the first task is done.
I am planning... on having a great time ai GD#1's wedding this weekend.
I am remembering ... how to cut and sew those fabric wallets. I have orders for 28 by next Friday.
I am wondering...  what drama this weekend will bring!
I am thinking... stay calm. Don't stress! Enjoy the experience.
I am super thankful...  that God is in charge of this cancer journey. I am also thankful for DD#3's shopping ability. Thanks to her I am ready for the wedding.
I am sewing on... fabric wallets.
I am deciding... on fabric pairs for the wallets. 
My future includes... wedding and doctor visits.
I am hoping... there is good news when I see Dr. King at the end of November.
I am waiting impatiently... for the end of this cancer journey and the return of my strength!


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