Friday, May 27, 2016

Pain Update

  The pain that keeps on giving has abated! DH keeps telling me that I have to take it easy. He does not understand that the last 3 days have been wonderful and almost pain free. I haven't felt this good since last May.
  This past year has been hard b/c I don't like clutter except in my studio and then it is organized clutter.  Since August, it has been a hoarders house here. It took all I had to keep the living room fairly clear of clutter.
 I will take it slow but plan on decluttering my house, studio, and yard. I have a year of "lack of energy" to get out from under. So far I have tackled my back yard; my long side driveway; driven to Biloxi and back in one day; mopped the whole house in one day; and still have energy.

  Today the pain is back but not as strong.  I expected pain after the long drive. Long term sitting is not my friend. Neither is all the rich food we have consumed nor the lack of water drank. It will take about 3 days to get rid of the after effects but the fun DD#4 and DGD#5(Spirit) had in Biloxi was worth this pain and much more. Memories were made!
  I wanted to thank those who have worried about me this past year. Life is looking up and full of flowers to smell.
Lator Gators!

First Trip of Summer

Sporting her new beach attire!
Spirit asked to go to the beach this summer so we did! She did not remember the beach trips we took when she was small. Her mom was off so spur of the moment, we decided to take a day trip to the beach.  Her mom has decided to make this a memorable summer and has been working long hours to get money to do it up tourist style. LOL

Her first banana split and 2 extra in case.
  It was a long day and a lot of driving! But the smiles on her face were worth it all. The child can eat! She and DH broke every rule of eating that they knew!

Hoarder Stelly ready to explore.
DH loved the hat Renee got him b/c you have to have a straw 'pimp' hat (aka Panama) for summer travel. He kept it on even after we got home at exactly midnight. He has to wind down after a trip even when he doesn't drive.
  Now Spirit wants to go camping in Kinder. There is a water park and she loves it there. My memories are not as pleasant as that is where I got so sick last August! But next time her mom has a couple of days off we will go. My sewing machine will come too!

Notice no sun for me!
  Then at the end of June after my birthday and Father's day, we are planning a "walk about" driving trip to Missouri Star Quilt Co. and back down to San Antonio for relaxing with Lynn and DJ. It will have 2 destinations but no planned agenda. If something looks interesting, we stop if not we continue. I think this will be lots of fun! Tiring but fun.
Lator Gators!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Design Wall Monday May 23, 2016

t-shirt quilt
Bryan's Minion
Phaff system
Machine binding needs finishing
Scrappy binding

Goals for May 23 to May 29.
1. Continue Machine binding of DD#1s quilts. (2) 
2. Machine binding of Green Zebra
3. Work on DD#1s Minion Quilt.
4. Block 11 of J&B BOM.
5. Hand bind table runner for DD#1.
6. Work on UFO Challenge APQ #7-Hand Binding on Soccer Beauty. 
7. Complete tying of PJ's Quilt(UFO Challenge APQ#1).
8. Put together shorten version of Phaff quilting system and clean machine.

9. Find fusible and make step 2 of Challenge.  
     Sunday was a really great day. I started the day way too early. DGD#5 saw a large spider in her room and killed it around 3am. She turned on all the lights in the house while dealing with the spider. Once the lights went on, I was unable to sleep especially since she didn't turn the all off when she went in her room again. I got up when the nerve pain in my lower regions became too great to stay in bed.
  Then we went to church where I got to meet the young man the t-shirt quilt was for while helping with registration at children's church. After church, we went to eat lunch. Wow, it has gotten too expensive to continue eating at that restaurant on Sundays. Then we picked up DD#4, got her lunch, and came home for a power nap. 
   After my nap, I decided to go sit on the stoop and do some slow stitching of binding. The kids across the street came give us a hug and cuddle. The mom came and wanted to help me bind so I got her a quilt of her own to bind. She has no English and I have no Spanish but we understood the language of piecing. Before she left, I lent her one of my sewing machines and an extra foot pedal. I love small kids but some need extra training. The two across the street have excellent manners but they were accompanied by a third who needs more home training. By the end of the evening, she went home crying because she was expected to share equally at our house. We are so unfair!
   At dusk we took DGD#5 home and went get something to eat. The pain was beginning to get the better of me. Until we came home from getting food, I had forgotten about it. I treat it as a "if I don't mind, then it won't matter." This nerve pain will not  get the better of me! I have too much to get done.
   This morning I woke up with less pain than I went to bed with which is always wonderful.
  Hopefully, it is a sign that the nerve pain is going to abate for a while.
  Well it is time to start sewing.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stash Report Sunday May 22, 2016

Binding on
Stash Report:
Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric In for May: 1.25 yards
Fabric Out:  .75
(yellow binding for DD#1s scrap quilt)

Fabric Out for May: 6.75 yards
May Stash Movement: 5.5 yards
Fabric In YTD:  67 2/3 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 68 3/4 yards
YTD Stash Reduction:  1 1/12 yards
I am moving in the right direction again!

Update on Goals for May 16 to May 22

Scrappy binding

1. Work on DD#1s Minion Quilt. 
2. Machine binding of DD#1s quilts. Hand binding done on 1, starting second, binding 1/2 done on scrap and scrap binding sewn together.3. Block 10 of J&B BOM. Done
4. Start KS Challenge Project -Background. Done Just need to think of slogan that fits and make fusible applique.
5. Machine binding of Green Zebra. Cut binding.
Trey's Soccer Beauty
6. Work on UFO Challenge APQ #7-Binding on Soccer Beauty. Nope
7. Complete tying of PJ's Quilt(UFO Challenge APQ#1). Nope
8. Put together Phaff quilting system. Step 1 is done. It is in studio. Now need to figure out how to make it shorter.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Muggy Saturday Morn

Outside my window...sunshine.
I am listening to...Spirit jumping then hitting door (She says she is dancing) and my jumbled thoughts.
I really big cup of morning coffee. It gives me time to think and reflect on the day before and the day to come. It is my recharge time!
I am super thankful...for the life I have been given by our Savior.
One of my favorite things...watching children ride bikes.
I figure out how to put the Phaff system together.
I am looking forward to...vacation.
I am wondering...why the neighbor cuts his grass so early in the morning.
I am finish J&B block 10 today and pick up block 11.
I am get my back yard cut this weekend.
I am thinking...the American people are screwed with our choices for president.
I am trying to remember...where my fusible is so I can start Part 2 of Ripit/Frogit.
I am sorry...people are so uptight all the time.
I am still the "IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT - YOU ARE A BAD PET MAMA" look my cat gave me when she finally got let back in after spending Thursday night outside in all that weather. I didn't put her out, she went out by herself. I tried to keep her in but she wouldn't have it.
I am machine bind a quilt or 2.
     Well, It is time to get dressed and start this glorious day.
 Just thoughts and wonderings .

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Quilts for the Greats

Bella Anne showing off on her new quilt.
Marie sharing her quilt w/ Bella.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Friday Night Sew-In May 20, 2016

I have decided to join the Friday Night Sew-In for May although it may happen mostly during the day Friday and a bit of Friday evening.
I am planning on working on the "Rippet" background (20" by 20") and on binding quilts.
Pictures and Updates will follow on Friday. See you then!
Update 9:45am.  Time to get started sewing. So off to the studio I go! It has to be 5pm somewhere doesn't it?