Sunday, February 12, 2017

Where Oh Where!

This Week Fabric Added: 0 yards
Fabric Added in February: 0 yards
YTD Fabric Added: 7 3/4 yards
This Week Fabric Used: 0 yards
February Fabric Used:  0 yards
YTD Fabric Added: 7 3/4 yards
Reduction/Enhancement this Week: 0 yards
Reduction/Enhancement February: 0 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 0 yards
New Project started this Week:
Projects Advanced in February:
B/H leader/enders - neutral row made
Trash/String blocks: 2 sets of 5 made for total of 11

   My Muse has left the building for parts unknown!  I have not been in my sewing area very often. Actually I haven't been doing much of anything lately. I just want to sit on the sofa with my tablet. When I go in the sewing area, all I work on is Neutral QSTs and T/S blocks.
  Quite honestly this lack of interest and movement scares me. Both my parents lost interest in the world before they died. All they did was drink coffee and eat sweets in their rooms. Am I doing this also only in my living room?
  It may be the time of the year or something in my subconscience. I know that this is a form of depression and that I need to force myself out of it! There is really nothing I have to be depressed about except lack of work on my studio and that is a matter of time.
  Good Thing is I found my watch which tracks my steps so I can chart how much I am moving....the bad thing is piecing does not require much recorded movement except for ironing. 
  Good Thing is that later today there is a birthday party for GGD#1 at a park which has a walking track which I plan on using. Then on Monday, a group from church is gathering at 10am to crochet items. They have promised to show me how to crochet. I plan on getting there early and walking around the large parking lot. Maybe this planned movement will get my Muse out of hiding.
  Good thing is that next Sunday is my GS#9's birthday and that means a trip for crawfish and we eat up a lot of those mud bugs which is why we go to the all-you-can-eat buffet at the casino! Good for what ails you and Bad for blood pressure.
Lator Gators! Make lemonade from life's lemons or make hot coco depending on the weather.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Design Wall

My mojo went into hiding for a while. I think the chaos in the sewing area and the overwhelming mess in the studio got too much for her. Not to mention the imposing FMQ/Walking Foot Quilting projects. Too many elephants!
  Saturday and Sunday, I sewed on Trash/Strings blocks and neural quarter square triangles. A set of 4 T/S blocks was completed so that is 1 of 5 for February. All needed neural qts were made and are ready for trimming!
  Saturday, we went to BR and dropped the Phaff paperweight off with Alex. Hopefully this time it will be fixed! Then we went see Glenda. Her house is almost complete and best of all her long arm was set up. It was so good to see her smiling again.
  I am working on neutral blocks for the BH Leader/Ender project. I have to trim them up and add them to the mothership. I will start cutting blue/white halves to be leader/enders while I make Trash/String blocks later this week. In the meantime, I will work on Potholders!
  Hopefully, next week I can report progress and completion of a few of my February Goals.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Goals/January Update

 February Goals: 

I want to complete:

    Judy Laquida'S UFO choice: #9 PJ's quilt
   APQ UFO choice: #8 Mystery BOM Stars
   PJ's  quilt - goal is to finish tying top and complete self binding.
   Mystery BOM Stars - goal is to complete stars cut out and assess options.
Something New:
  Next wedding quilt - goal is to start planning quilt on paper and possibly EQ7
Something Old: 
   Potholders - complete all of panel as potholders.
   Blue Binding Tool Star- complete 2 more blocks and start 3 more.
FMQ:  Still scared!
   Practice piece then possibly table runners. Right now thinking about using straight line quilting to get it done. Finished is the goal.
   Bonnie Hunter'S Leader/Ender project - the neutral border trimmed and added while making blue halves.
   Trash/Strings - continue making blocks in sets of 4. Goal is 5 sets to make 10 sets complete.
Final January Update:
Something Old:
   Done Blue Binding Tool Star- 2 blocks finished and attached.
  Done Sunflower top - top complete with borders
Something New:
   Done Binding Tool Table Runners - Red Peppers & Mardi Gras tops complete.
   Potholders - still working on panel.
   Done Red/Black & Green Zebra both bound.
   Machine prepared and videos watch then fear took Over!
   Done Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender project - neutral blocks made. Next up is trimming and putting sides to top.
    Done Trash/Strings blocks - have 5 sets of 4 done.
While I did not reach all my goals for January, it was a very productive month. If I wouldn't start NEW projects other than the ones planned, my goals would have been reached. Too many SQUIRRELS!

Thursday Thoughts and Wonderings 2017

Outside my window...birds singing and unseasonably warm weather with fog.
I am listening to...the iRobot doing its thing.
One of my favorite things...the last few stitches of hand binding.
One of my least favorite things...DISHES. I think that is why I don't like cooking because it includes preparation, serving, picking up afterwards, and doing the dishes. Doing the dishes just breaks the camel's back! Oh! and deciding what to cook!
I am missing...visiting with my brother and sister
I am planning...on working on getting my studio back. Our neighbor still hasnt come to pull down the ceiling so i continue to clean and clear. It is the elephant lurking in the background.
I am trying to remember...I forgot! That has been happening a lot lately. 
I arrange for blood work and more doctor visits.
I am wondering...what comes next! 
I am thinking...that it is time to visit Glenda to lend a hand with the unpacking of the trailer. Have air mattress will travel!
I am super have a great husband who indulges my every whim!
One more blocks made
I am sewing on...too many projects. February's UFOS are #9 PJ's Sneaker Quilt and #8 2014 Mystery Stars BOM. I need to make more potholders and work on FMQ skills.
I am deciding...on how I will construct the next wedding quilt. It needs to be Halloween theme. I have the panel I want to use so I just need to get a plan! Hard to do with the current sewing area.
Should I... prepare income taxes, pay health insurance, clean the house and/or studio. I think I will go sew or continue reading blogs! TOO Many Decisions! Too Much to Do!
Just ramblings and wonderings

Please leave a comment or two. I do enjoy hearing from visitors! Lator....

Monday, January 30, 2017

SQUIRRELS and January Goals Update

Squirrel #1!  After I finished putting the binding on the red/black quilt, the mess of scraps under the cutting table caught my eye. So I decided to sort a couple of bags into strips, chunks, pieces, and dog bed pieces . Well, someone had cut a multitude of triangles in a strip material. 
  Needless to say, after I finished the sort, I started making neutral string blocks with the triangles and a black strip. Someone's trash is fast becoming a quilt top. Monday is plenty enough time to work on my January projects since they have all advanced except the FMQ.(Still scares me!)
Squirrel #2: I cornered my neighbor to come start the replacement of the studio ceiling. The plan is to pull it all down and replace it with wood then paint it with Kilt. Then finally paint it a glossy white or off white. (Weather got him hurting so it may not happen until next week!)
  The good news was that the walls will not have to be replaced ... only the batting on the walls and the squirrel hole.  So you know I had to pull a wall of the batting down.  That makes me feel so much better!   DGS#9 came Saturday morning and helped me clean studio and pull down 4 walls of batting. All we have left is the wall behind DD#4's area. We filled a big trash container with stuff from the room.
  Next week I will work on packing the fabric up. 

Progress on January Goals:
Something Old - Binding Tool Blue - I am working on two more blocks (another side)  
Sunflower Quilt - I need to either piece a backing for it or find a piece in the stash big enough. Looking through stash as I pack it.
Something New - Binding Tool Mardi Gras #2 - One done and since Cheryl liked the first one so much, I am planning to make another one with the leftovers. 
Potholders - I still have several to make and am working oh so slowly. Too many projects.
Handwork - Binding - Red/Black quilt binding is done.
  I found the binding for Green Zebra and have sewn it on so handwork has started!
FMQ- Everything is ready but me. I am paralyzed with fear. I now have 2 to quilt. 
Other - Bonnie Hunter Leader/Ender project - I am still plugging away at neutral pieces. I soon will be switching to the next color which will be or blue.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stash Report

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
FabrIc Added in January: 7 3/4 yards
Fabric Added Year To Date: 7 3/4 yards
Fabric Used this Week:  7 3/4 yards  (backing & binding for Red/Black quilt)
Fabric Used in January: 7 3/4 yards
YTD Fabric Used: 7 3/4 yards
Reduction/Enhancement this Week: 7 3/4 yards
Reduction/Enhancement January: 0 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 0 yards
New Project started this Week:
Triangle/Neutral string blocks
Projects Advanced in January:
Red/Black Quilt - binding added and hand finished
Binding Tool Blue Star - 1 side added
Binding Tool Table Runners  (2) - ready for quilting
Sunflower Wedding Quilt - top done working on backing
B/H leader/enders - neural halves done
Potholders - 7 done more needed
  Saturday morning DGS#9 came and helped me remove batting from studio walls and begin cleaning the studio for the ceiling replacement. Now I have to pack Fabric before he can help again. It is coming along!
  Saturday afternoon DGGD #1 &#2 came visit for a few hours. It was great fun but tiring.
Lator Gators.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stash Report/ January Goal Update

Fabric In: 3 3/4 yards
Fabric In January: 7 3/4 yards
YTD Fabric In: 7 3/4 yards
Fabric Out:  3/4 yards (4 pot holders w/backs)
Fabric Out January 3 1/4 yards
YTD Fabric Out: 3 1/4 yards
Enhancement this Week: 3 yards
Enhancement - January: 3.5 yards
YTD Enhancement/Reduction: 3.5 yards
Projects/UFOs Advanced in January: 
 Binding Tool Blue Star
 Binding Tool Table Runners (2)
 Sunflower Wedding Quilt
 Potholders (7)
 BH leaders/enders

  This weekend was spent playing with great granddaughters. Friday, DGD#2 messaged me asking if I could come and bring ginger ale, crackers, and gator aide b/c she was very sick. So off I went to buy and bring said items. 
  DGGD#1 wanted to come home with me so she did. We played all afternoon and even went have lunch with her nanny which may have not been a great idea. Three year olds can tire you out quickly and don't want to take a nap. But they come with shoes and love to play outside.
  Then DGD#2 messeaged again asking if I could come pick up DGGD#2 since my daughter couldn't do it. So off DH and I went to pick up DGGD#2 and bring her to DD#2's house. On the way, DGGD#1 decided that SHE would be staying at her grandmother's house NOT her sister. So we came back with DGGD#2! 16 months old w/o shoes so no outside play.
  First, we made a quick trip to WalMart for food items that a 16 month old might like and milk.  Thank goodness, DGD#5 spends the weekends with us. She took the baby to bed with her until about 1am. Then DGGD#2 came to bed with us and promptly kicked me out of my king size bed. She has the distinction of being the only child DH has let sleep in our bed next to him. She is definitely his Chunky Monkey!
  Saturday morning, Bella and I played with the few toys here. Then in the afternoon after DH woke up, we drove to DD#1's house. Bella was a doll and slept on the way there (I fed her right before we left.) I picked up my red quilt ready for binding and had a great visit with DD#1. I picked up fabric for table runner backings and BH leader/Ender project (her scraps)  and the red & black quilt. I ironed through red and white quilt.  She gave me three/four gifts. BH book / ruler, a turtle from Belize, and a turtle bracelet from the West. 
  Bella was great on the trip back again sleeping until the last 20 miles. That gal has a great set of lungs and let us know that she was tired traveling. The only regret I have is that b/c of our late start, we didn't get to visit with Glenda, Frank, and the boys.
  We stayed up late b/c naturally she wasn't tired. Finally she went to sleep but woke up lively at 3:30 am. Right now she is trying to convince me to turn on the tv but the cable is not working in the living room while she snacks on cereal.
  Great Grandma duty will be over when we go to church. I know I will be ready for a nap.
Lator Gators.