Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I made it! Maybe!

It has been a very interesting 3 weeks to say the least.
First week went ok. I made Marie a dress and finished my 3rd block.
Second week was ok too. We took Spirit, Renee, and Marie to Kinder for 4 days. We swam everyday. We knew that Spirit was fearless in the water, but we found out that Marie is also fearless. She would put her little arms up and out and walk until the water would hit her face, turn around, grab the nearest adult, and float. She loves the water! Just not the bathtub.
On the Tuesday, I began feeling bad and started drinking lots of water and little else. Wednesday we went home. I was feeling better just tired. Thursday, I was just fine or so I thought! Friday, I started having the chills and fever. By 9pm I got Stelly to take me to the hospital thinking they would treat the fever and send me home.
Boy, was I wrong! I ended up staying in the hospital until Wednesday. Seems I got a bacteria infection in both kidneys and my blood stream. My fever stayed over 103 even with the meds. I was very sick...when I get sick, I do it right! Sunday was the turning point. The fever broke and I decided to fight b/c I had fantastic nurses and doctors fighting for me. I gave it to Jesus and started climbing out of that fever hell I was in.
It was all uphill from then.
I got out of the hospital on Wednesday mainly because my doctor knows that I get better quicker when home. This Wednesday I go to the doctor to see if the bacteria has given up with all the meds I am taking. Hopefully, it has.
Now for the good news.
1) My Quest is home and sewing like a dream.
2) He brought home a Smart Phaff friend.
3) I am sewing again. Short periods of time but sewing.
4) Renee has gotten the quilting bug.
Life is GOOD!
Tomorrow will bring more strength and good news.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Design Wall 7-27-2015

Block 7

What am I working on? 
All 6
This week I will be trying to finish block 7 of the Krotz Springs BOM and possibly get ahead by working on block 8.

Wanda's Green Zebra
Cheryl's binding
  Then I plan on working on those outfits for Marie with the little purse to go with them. 
   In between just to keep the machine warm, I will work on finishing Wanda's Green Zebra top and put the binding on Cheryl's quilt.
   At work, I am finishing the memory quilt. I have to redo the block someone else made that is too too small but it did show me how to do the block. I am also doing handwork on a  project started by a lady in 1987. Sewn by hand and then quilted by hand! Completed by my hurting hands - I stopped hand quilting years ago because it causes my hands and joints to be very painful. It isn't hurting as much...guess I got use to the pain over the years. LOL
  Yesterday afternoon I found that my little chest type freezer had been unplugged and everything in it had thawed. I lost lots of soup. So this morning I cleaned out all the food stuff in it and bagged it most up. Ama and Lucy got a bag of soup each. Funny part is that it is now working again. But I must say it was time to clean it b/c we had wild hog meat from 2005.
Well, I am off to start the week. Cheryl and Sarah are not coming today b/c Cheryl's AC went out and she has to wait for the repair person. I am going to miss our hen party but it seems to be for the best.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stash Report July 26, 2015

Stash Report
Fabric In: yard (1 for KS blocks & 4 for Marie)
Fabric In July: 10.875 yards 
Fabric In YTD: 50.705 yards
Fabric Out: 2.625 yard (16 Reva blocks gifted to Sarah with 3 strips of sashing and 5.5" strip and romper)
Fabric Out July: 5.625 yards
Fabric Out 2015:  52.705 yards
Stash Reduction: 2 yards

Block Count:
Reva Blocks - 31finished - 16 gifted = 15 blocks
Wild & Goosey - 60 blocks finished
Krotz Springs BOM - 6 completed of 7 blocks given
Disappearing Hour Glass blocks - 10 completed of 50
Wanda's Green Top - blocks done; rows & 2 borders needed
     Monday when Sarah and Cheryl came to sew in the studio, I gifted Sarah with 16 Reva blocks to make a baby quilt. I also gave her 3 1.5" WOF strips for sashing. Cheryl got a 5.5" WOF strip for her dish towel.
     Tuesday at my Serger class, I used a yard to cut out a romper. Whether I finish it or not, it is used!
Middle fabric added - needed light
      Wednesday and Thursday I worked on my Krotz Springs BOM blocks. I also spent 2 hours at J&B hand sewing on a project. Friday, I spent running errands and cutting up fabric for second July block.(The one I bought fabric for.) Saturday, I worked on that second July block and went to do more hand sewing at J&B's.
   I also bought 4 yards of coordinating fabrics to make Marie some mix & match outfits.
Very Pink



Krotz Springs block 6

Nanny's side
This morning Marie came with me to bring her nanny to work. When we came home, we went into the studio where Marie quickly destroyed the order while I made my block.

Scrap Sorting?
I am innocent!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Busy week and Its only Wednesday

   Monday was a blast. Early that morning DH and I went get his blood work done. Then we went buy groceries. When we finished, it was time for the hen party in the studio.
   Cheryl and Sarah came over to sew and DD#4, DGD#2, DGGD#1, and DGD#2's fiancé were in the studio too. So we had 7 people in the studio all busy with no one bumping into each other. We served cookies and homemade root beer. Marie loves the root beer as does Renee`.
   Cheryl was making dish cloths for Christmas presents. We cut them out but she didn't like the cream cloth with her white/black cows so she ripped and borrowed some fabric from me. It came out cute as pie. A gift I would like! Cheryl didn't really like the 1950 Premier because it doesn't have a speed control. Next week she will use DD#4's machine. Then she will either use the Quest or the new machine.
   Sarah had started a quilt with me at J&B and wanted to finish it. Only problem, she forgot the pattern. She got overwhelmed and frustrated quickly. So Reva Blocks to the rescue! I donated 16 Reva Blocks to her and white sashing. Enough for a good size baby quilt with added borders. She began chain piecing the sashing and blocks. That made her happy and seeing the blocks used made me happy! Sarah sewed on the 1960s Singer Electronic. It is one of my favorite machines.

   While this was going on, DD#4 & DGD#2 with help from fiancé were making a burp cloth for the coming DGGD#2. The girls embroidered words and taught Billy to cut out a pattern.  He really got into it as did DGD#2. I guess I will be teaching them how to sew next. It was quite cute! Only problem I have with them is that they don't pick up after themselves. They left fabric all over the cutting table along with anything else they used. Not cute! Not cool!
   Tuesday, DH and I went to his doctor's appointment which lasted for 3 hours and he had to take more blood test. Then we picked up meds and drove to Baton Rouge. Along the way we picked up boudin and cracklins for lunch. We stopped at Hollywood Casino and had a short cool nap by the river. Then DH went play in the casino and I went to a class on my serger.
   At the beginning of that class, I knew exactly how overwhelmed & frustrated Sarah felt. That Serger just had my number. Margaret was a very patient teacher. When I left at 5:30pm, I knew how to confidently change the setting to do ruffles and back again to the overlock stitch. I had made a piece with double ruffles and had cut out and sewed a romper together or at least as much as you can do on the serger. Next month we are going to learn to put in a zipper and make piping. We will get a pillow cover as our reward. My reward this month is that the Serger isn't as intimidating as it was.
   Today, my hip & back are killing me. I don't even want to go in my studio and play.  No position is comfortable. This pain started Monday, continued Tuesday, and is still going strong today. Pain meds are not helping and I don't want to take the stronger ones until I can't stand it w/o tears. It is afterall "Mind over Matter - if you don't Mind, then it don't Matter!" Only problem is that I am beginning to mind so it is beginning to matter. LOL
Well, I am going to get moving and maybe that will help.
Lator Gators. When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stash Report Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stash Report
Fabric In: 5.875 yards
Fabric In July: 5.875 yards 
Fabric In YTD: 45.705 yards
Fabric Out: 4 yards (Backing for frog quilt, Spring/Christmas runner)
Fabric Out July: 4 yards
Fabric Out 2015:  50.08 yards
Stash Reduction: 4.375 yards

     Since my last Stash Report, I made 7 purses, 7 lanyards, 4 Tush Cushes, Froggy, Spring/ Christmas bed runner & bound BH Grand Illusions and Garden Maze Flag. But I don't remember what I counted or when, so I started over with what I knew I didn't count.
      I do know that there are over 10 empty comic cards since we started working on quilt show sale items. So my stash is looking leaner!
    I bought 2 yards of a brown floral that I miscut for a customer at J&B. I also bought 2 7/8 yards of a cream blender that I am using for center and corners of Reva Blocks. I now have 31 blocks done which is almost half of what I need to make a King quilt. My July goal was to make 10 but 1 extra just happened to get done.
 Now I am working on my 10 Wild and Goosey blocks. Marie, 16 month old DGGD, came Saturday and helped me sort the scraps. She would throw them all over and then when 1 hit her fancy she would bring it to me to iron.
   Marie also found chalk and redecorated the walls of studio. Good news is that we had planned for that and had a wall with chalk paint ready. She loved it!
   Well, I am off to clean studio, make Wild and Goosey block, clean house, and prepare for church.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Life Returns to Normal

     The Krotz Springs Quilt Show is over and it was GREAT! There were lots of quilts and lots of people enjoying them. We didn't sell as much as we wanted to but we made money for the Studio so it is all good.  The things we didn't sell will go into the box to be sold at our next quilt/craft show.
     Now I can get back to my July Goals. I have started my 10 Reva Blocks and have 2 hen parties planned-One today and one next Monday. I am so excited about the one today because my bestie is coming and we haven't seen each other in ages. The one next Monday is with two of my old students to work on unfinished projects. Every Monday and Tuesday, the studio will be open for friends to come and work on UFOs or new skills.
     DGD#2 explained to DD#4 and I that we needed to make more Baby items to sell. We explained to her that she need to learn to sew if she was going to give advice. So she decided to take over the embroidery.
     DD#4 took a UFO from my stash and finished it. Then she quilted it using her machine for straight stitches and the BabyLock to put frog designs on it. I tried to bind it before the Show but didn't make it. DGGD#1 claimed it and as we say "put her DNA all over it." Since the original UFO was for her, we can't complain.
     I did have one major problem - I lost/misplaced the cord for the electric Go. It disappeared somehow. Bad news is I still haven't found it!Good news is that DD#1 can order a new one so I don't have to buy another Go.
     We rode to DD#1's house on Thursday to bring back items from show and to give her a quilt top. On the way we stopped to bring Quest to the mechanic. As usual we spent to much time talking to him and I ended up buying another machine. I also signed up to take a class on Tuesday to learn how to properly use my serger.
Quilted and bound

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Overview of June Goals and New Goals for July

June Goals - Mostly Fail.

Quilt Show - Make items to sell, organize and bag items for selling. Most IMPORTANT DONE
Wild & Goosey blocks- make 10 NOPE
Reva Blocks -Make 10 NOPE
Studio - Finish painting NOPE; Have Hen Party NOPE; Work in office area STARTED; Complete moving in NOPE
Disappearing Hour Glass - complete 20 blocks NOPE
Krotz Springs BOM - make 3 blocks (Installment 3) NOPE.

LIFE got in the way of my June Goals. I had to make choices due to DH health problems and bowling schedule including a 2000 mile round trip drive. I chose to work mostly on Quilt Show items. Things have calmed down a bit so I should be able to get my July goals done although we are waiting on test results.
July Goals
Quilt Show - Make more items for show. Continue planning for 7/11.
Wild & Goosey blocks - make 10
Reva Blocks - Make 10
Disappearing Hour Glass - Make 10 + blocks
Krotz Springs BOM - make 3 Blocks (Installment 3)
Studio - Have Hen Party; Finish Painting after 7/11; Continue working on Office floor; Continue moving in.

Hopefully, I will have pictures later this week of some of our items.
     I will include my "Grand Illusion" quilt in the items for sale at the show. It was fun to make but it needs to go to a home where it will be loved and used. If it doesn't sell, it will go in the extra room until DGD#5 a twin bed in her room.
    There are a trio of tops that will also go in the to be sold pile. Each taught me skills that I wanted to know and used stash, but have sat in the to-be-quilted pile too long. DD#1 is so busy with her job and with commissioned quilts that I hate to give her a quilt that I don't really really love and have a plan for.