Sunday, December 4, 2016

Stash Report and Design Wall

Fabric In This week: 0 yards
Fabric Out This Week: 0 yards
Fabric In YTD: 114 1/8 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 83 9/12 yards
Stash Enhancement YTD: 30 3/8yards
Fabric is being used but nothing is being finished so I stopped counting for 2016. 
    Still Subbing! Saturdays are devoted to piecing and hubby since both get so little time during the week. This Saturday, I worked on 50 red quarter square triangles and 1 "Flying Home" block. Then DH wanted to go Christmas shopping so off we went! He got me an iRobot to help with the animal fur and an electric pressure cooker. Both will be sitting in their boxes until Dec. 23rd. I still have no clue as what to give him. 
          Design Wall: BH Leader/Ender project and "Binding Tool" Star.
My calculations showed that I need 108 quarter square triangles for the next row which will be double greens. Then more neutrals and then double blues and more neutrals. So I will probably need about 800 for the last rows which should be the red rows. Good thing this project lasts until June or July!
 I got bored making "Flying Home" blocks but not tired of blue. So a new project was born! Using "The Binding Tool", this star was made in a 2 hour period counting the cutting. It is almost mindless piecing - all you have to mind is which direction the points go. While the pieced star center is rather dark, I know having it quilted with variegate blue thread will lighten it up quite a bit! More blocks will be added to complete the flimsy. I see several more table runners and tops in different color combinations in my future!
Please let me know your opinion of both projects. I love Comments! 
Lator Gators.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings Thanksgiving 2016

Outside my window... bright sunshine, cool breezes, birds singing.
I am listening to...Spirit in dining room doing what Spirit does and birds singing off key.
One of my favorite things...feeding my grandson, PJ. He eats whatever I serve with GUSTO!
One of my least favorite the kitchen so I can cook and then cleaning it after cooking, and again after everyone has eaten. Too much cleaning!
I am family aka mom, aunts, cousins, etc. especially Aunt Von's jello salad. Also miss spending time in my studio piecing while listening to music. That is still a luxury!
I am planning...on spending more time with Glenda as soon as subbing is over.
I am trying to remember...a time when I had this much free time to do nothing! 
I make microwave cozies extra large, grade papers, and make 2 PowerPoints for next week's lessons.
I am wondering...what comes next! I can say my life is always an adventure!
I am thinking...I am bored making flying geese and need to work on the Binding Tool Star Quilt or table runner in the same colors.
I am super have a great husband. He is always appreciative of whatever I do, however insignificant in my eyes.
Should I...grade papers or go in my sewing area or have another glass of wine? Table runner or quilt, or leader/ender border? Too many decisions!
Just ramblings and wonderings

Please leave a comment or two. I do enjoy hearing from visitors! Lator....

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


A Conversation to Remember!  Kevin the quilter honored me with a few minutes of his time. He is indeed a great young man. He and his friend, Ann, and I had a great conversation! He is taking some time off and will be hosting his parents and extended family. I can't wait to hear about what he, his family, and his friends come up with this year.
Gustav the Bull! Stitch in Heaven had a great booth. They had fat quarters for $1. very hard to resist and I didn't!
      Another booth had fat quarters for $1 also and I got some there too. I also got a yard and a half of a odd flowered print. 
     I picked up a quilting system that may help me quilt my small quilts. Just in case I can't master it, I looked hard at a midarm with computer.

We also picked up new Kai scissors and DD#4 bought me the Kai rotary cutter. We also invested in Ruler Magic and a set of rulers to make scallops or rickrack.
  On Saturday, I had the pleasure to visit with Michael Young. He loves San Antonio and his new guild. I also tracked down Charlotte Angotti for a quick chat. DD#1 and her hubby joined us on Friday and Saturday. Well, not exactly. We met and went on our separate ways. They went to see the quilts and we went walk around vendors.
  My only negative comment is that I am a piecer of bed quilts not art quilts.  Too many of the quilts were NOT bed quilts. Too many booths were dedicated to jewelry, clothing, and embellishments. Each year this trend gets stronger and is taking over. I go to festival to see new techniques and tools for piecers and quilters. I may soon have to find a new venue to do that! Or just go to take classes.

But All in all Festival was a very pleasant time. 
Lator Gators! Keep making lemonade.

Friday, November 4, 2016

International Quilt Festival in Houston

     Each year for the last twenty years, I drop everything and come to Houston for the Quilt Festival.  This year was no different!

   Over the years different people accompanied me on this journey. First, it was DD#1; then DD#1 and our hubbies came; then my BFF and DD#1; and finally DD#4 and DGD#5. This year DD#4 and I drove up to Houston yesterday. I am hoping that DD#1 can make it on Saturday. Sharing the festival with like minded family members makes it that much more fun.
This year I want to find cotton batting; new scissors and cutting mats; neutrals; panels; and thread. Of course, I will oggle the long arms and dream about getting one. This might be the year if I can get my studio up again. It all depends on how expensive it turns out to fix the ceiling. I can still dream!
    I will blog later today with pictures of my loot. I will get my 10,000 steps in today!
Lator Gators. Have a blessed day.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a cool Sunday morning

Outside my window... birds singing and dogs barking. 
I am listening to...Spirit's radio as background noise and birds singing off key.
One of my favorite things...seeing smiles on my great grand daughters' faces. 
One of my least favorite things...walking into a dirty house after a hard days work.
I am missing...spending time in my studio piecing while listening to music. For the next month that will be a luxury!
I am planning...traveling to Houston this Thursday for a long week-end.
I am trying to remember...a time I felt 100% for more than a week.
I need...grade papers and make a PowerPoint for this week's lessons.
I am wondering...what this week-end will bring.
I am thinking...I may have made a mistake agreeing to sub until the young lady comes back.
I am super have a great husband.
Should I...grade papers or go in my sEwing area?
Just ramblings and wonderings

Please leave a comment or two. I do enjoy hearing from visitors! Lator....

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stash Report Sunday October 16, 2016

Fabric In This week: 3/8 yards
Fabric In for October: 3/8 yards
Fabric Out This Week: 0 yards
Fabric Out for October: 0 yards
Fabric Enhancement October: 3/8 yards
Fabric In YTD: 114 1/8 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 83 9/12 yards
Stash Enhancement YTD: 30 3/8yards
     Life has fallen into a routine finally! The principal took the advice of the 2 teachers I am working with and asked me to continue subbing for the 5th grade teacher so I will be working steady until Thanksgiving.  This means less piecing time but more funds to use at Festival! 

I went to my guild meeting this past Thursday and had a blast. It felt good to enjoy other quilters' input especially since I won't make the November meeting.  While there, I bought a pattern for a fan which contained 2 fat quarters and received a fat quarter as a door prize. 

    Friday night, DH and I went to listen to music. DH was disappointed with the music b/c it was jazz and blues which is listening and grooving music not dancing music. He really enjoys watching the dancers! I, on the other hand, had a blast. While there I discovered that I need to make a chair carrier b/c we have one carrier short. Actually I need to replace that gray one too. Another project! Hopefully I will get one done by next Friday. 
     Saturday, DD#4, DH, and I went for our weekly "lunch". The food and service were slightly off, but we had a good time. That night DH and I watched LSU football.  
I did a bit of piecing and made 12 neutral quarter square Triangle blocks and 2 Flying Home blocks. I need 32 more neutral quarter square Triangle blocks for this round.  
I now have 27 Flying Home Blocks and I need at least 100 more blocks. I think when I get to 50 blocks made  I will put them on the design wall to get an idea of how big this flimsy wants to be! (I know I am going to need more 2.5" strips - lots more!)
I am off to trim quarter square triangle blocks, cut more neutral pieces, and start piecing another Flying Home block. 
Lator Gators! Have a blessed week.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Design Wall Monday, October 10, 2016

   This week will be another week of little to no piecing except on Saturday and Sunday.
      I plan on working on the following:
 1) The Autumn Churn Dash (ACD)- I still plan on getting this to a flimsy.  It needs lighting up. Olive sashing and alternating sunflower blocks should do it!
2)  Bonnie Hunter Leader and Ender Project (BHLE)- This week I will work on the 34 neutral blocks I need for the next round while I pull reds for round 5.
3) Missouri Star Quilt Company's Flying Home Wedding Quilt Blocks (FHWQ)- The darks have been cut and are waiting to be pieced. Next I will cut the lights! I would like to make 5 blocks this week bringing my total to 30.
4) Halloween Project- The fabrics have been pulled for both panels. I think I will work on the colorful one first adding purple to the mix. So first I have to decide how wide and long I want to make it. Then decide on sizes of each of the 3 borders.
Lator Gators. Have a blessed week!