Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stash Report Sunday, December 14, 2014

Stash Report
Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric in December: 2 yards
Fabric In YTD: 190 yards
Fabric Out: 2.33 yards
Fabric Out December: 2.33 yards (pillowcases)
Fabric Out YTD: 82.33 yards
Enhancement: 107.67 yards
     My foster grand-daughter came to me Friday after school to Ask me to make a gift for her friend's birthday. My DD#4 had already clued me in and asked if I would make pillowcases and a carrying case. DD#4 had picked out three co-ordinating fabrics - a pale pink fairy frost and rose fairy frost by Michael Miller and some gray and pink scraps. The pillowcases came out perfectly and then DD#4 stitched the girl's name on each. My foster grand-daughter was very pleased with the outcomes since she picked the thread colors for the names with help from DD#4. 
      It has been a busy week. Monday we bowled and lost 3 games. Tuesday, we tended to helping others with their problems. Wednesday, I cleaned house and sewed on BMQ. Thursday, I had two guild parties to go to and did the driving all by myself. I got to talk to a good friend on the phone.     
     Friday, DD#4, GGD#1, & I cleaned the new studio, took naps, went shopping for a heater, and had a great time. Friday night, DGS# 9 had us bring him to the Washington Christmas parade.  He and the Northwest JROTC lead the parade. He carried the American flag proudly! It made my heart swell to see him marching so proudly! If ever you want good clean fun, go to a small Cajun town's parade.  
     Saturday, I sewed on various items including pillowcases and BMQ steps 1 & 2. I haven't started step 3 b/c my three helpers (Me-new, Lucy, & MARIE) were not being co-operative. The puppy, Lucy, was picking on the cat and baby. She wanted to play but they didn't. So we went "play" in the living room. Marie, GGD#1, and Lucy play well together until you add the cat. Only problem is that they are both jealous. Both took a 3 hour nap on my lap. I love watching my great grand daughter. She is growing by leaps and bounds!
    Today, my plan is to sew on BMQ steps 2 & 3. I also plan on sewing on Christmas gifts and packing a box of gently used clothes for goodwill.
Hopefully the plan will stick! Lator Gators.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stash Report Sunday, December 7, 2014

     This week has been all about the studio....all about the studio!
     When I got to sew, it was on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery. I was all ready to start Part 2 when heck broke loose. This remodeling is stressing me big time! My poor DH is freaking out in his quiet way and going to that happy removed place in his mind. He is having trouble handling all the bad news. But we will do what we have to do to get things safe. 
     But on the happier side, studio is looking better. DH's area has been cleaned and sectioned off. People have been contacted and contracted to do the work necessary. The elephant is shrinking!
Fabric In: 2 yards (Christmas Gifts and BMQ)
Fabric in December: 2 yards
Fabric In YTD: 190 yards
Fabric Out: 0 yards
Fabric Out December: yards
Fabric Out YTD: 80 yards
Enhancement: 110 yards
       Quite honestly, I will be glad for 2014 to end and 2015 to begin especially with the stash reports. I know I have quilts in my future. There is also fabric too. I won't say I am going on a No-Buy Fast but I plan on restrained buying. All I really need is solids or tone on tones to complete my stash.
2015 will be all about "finishing" first and new beginnings second. I have too many UFO's for my liking.
       On the bad news side, another LQS in the area is closing. This makes me very sad but quite honestly it was it the cards when the owner's husband died 3 years ago. She kept it to honor him! 
      Another piece of bad news is that a great lady of quilting died this week- Sharon Jones. She will be missed!
       Lator Gators. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Eating an Elephant

     To eat an elephant (big remodel job), you need lots of chewing (patience) and chewing (money) and chewing (time)! 
      Things have been a roller coaster with work on the studio. Contractor was buzzing along and then problems. 20 years ago the electrical was not done correctly and now it has to be redone. It took three days and help from DSD#2 to convince one to do the work. Hopefully things will go smoothly and the rain will hold off until they are done!
       I got too excited earlier and came down hard so I am practicing patience again. Reminding myself that I have waited 17 years to be able to use this space so a few more days, weeks, or even months won't matter in the scheme of things.
      The elephant is a lot smaller than before! My grandma use to tell me - it is always darkest before the dawn! Hopefully dawn will arrive Sunday!
 Lator Gators! I am off to lock up dog before they get here

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It has started!

       The contractor worked all day in the back area. walls were removed and ceilings triple braced and quickly three very dark and small rooms became one large room with lots of light. Then the 25 year old, cheap, press board panelling was removed from the walls. He also cleaned a room off the area and the mess all before 3pm.
       Thursday, he is planning on putting up the ceiling in one area, running the electrical wires and plugs, putting in 2 eight foot florencent lights, and begin working on putting in insulation. Friday, he plans on finishing the job including 4 locking doors. I will sweep and mop the floor on Saturday and Sunday making the floors super clean.
        Then all I have to do is the ceiling (which may never get done since I don't climb or paint over my head - any volunteers - I'll pay with fabric from my stash), put flannel on the walls,  and paint the floor. My plans for the floor depend a lot on the weather between now and New Years.  
       First, I plan on gridding the floor with painters tape - a day or two. After that comes a coat of black paint with flicks of different colors which should take at least a week unless DD#'s 1 & 4 & DGD#'s 2 & 5 or a combination decide to speed the process. Last, a coat of protective gloss goes down which will take several days to cure. I plan to put only one coat because by then the weather should be cold again with another planned for summer. While the floor is being done, I will start putting the flannel on the walls and base boards. Every inside wall will be a design wall! That should help my Quilter's ADD or make it worse.
      I am excited! I have waited for over 15 years to be able to use this space. So I plan on taking my time before I move machines and fabric into it. I want it completely done except those ceilings before I move anything in. It will be hard but I can do it! Well, I will try hard.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stash Report November 30, 2014

Warning: this post is text heavy! I will post later with pictures...when Lucy is finish using me for a bed.
Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric in November: 0 yards
Fabric In YTD: 188 yards
Fabric Out: .25 yards
Fabric Out November: 1.75 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 80 yards
Enhancement: 108 yards
         I delivered the baby/dog quilt on Monday and worked on various small projects all week. All I used was scraps and parts of fat quarters for a total of a quarter yard.
     Thanksgivings was quiet with just my youngest daughter and Spirit coming to visit. The girls and grandchildren went to their father's house and forgot to pass by. That's ok since we are usually gone for Thanksgivings.
        DD#1 and DGS#7 came Friday and helped us clean the area in the back that one day in 2015 will be my studio. They hauled 15 years of ugh out of that area. DH was having fits. He is a semi-hoarder and it is very hard on him to throw things way. Thankfully he got distracted with all the automotive junk that they found and it was trash day! They picked up over 20 full bags and bins of ugh! I burned another 20 in the trash pile. It hurt my heart to throw and burn all the saved science items so I understood how my husband felt!    
     We were all tired when it was done, but all I have left to do is sweep the grunge out before the carpenters get here Monday or Tuesday. It will be a bigger job that I thought. DH believed that he had gotten all the electrical work done, but after cleaning I saw that not much was done. That's ok! It only means that I can get the plugs I want where I want them. DH has committed to getting it done for me and it will be done in 2015!
   Friday morning I worked on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery using the tool she recommended, but I don't see precise enough for it to work.  Saturday morning I worked on the BHM using the Magic 8 method. I decided I love that way of making half-square triangles. I found enough of one yellow and one hot pink scraps to get a quarter of the squares done. 
    Saturday afternoon I took DH out to celebrate his double birthday. Today is his second Bday and we will either go to DD#1's house or to the local casino to celebrate a second time. While waiting for him to wake up, I will sew if Lucy lets me get up! 
Lator Gators!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stash Report Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fabric In: yards
Fabric in November: 0 yards
Fabric In YTD: 188 yards
Fabric Out: 1.5 yards
Fabric Out November: 1.5 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 79.75 yards
Enhancement: 108 .25 yards

      It has been an interesting week. I finished my secret gifts which accounted for .5 yard of fabric. I made a doll/dog quilt with backing and binding for 1 yard of fabric. I went into my sewing room at least once a day for at least 30 minutes and sewed.
    I have now switched gears and have begun crafting Christmas gifts. I will be making potato bags, microwave bowls, towels, pillowcases, and cell phone charging stations. 
     Saturday, DD#2 and I went looking for grommets and "Wrap & Zap". WalMart advertised that they had both but our store didn't so we traveled to Lafayette to get some. We found both grommets and "Wrap & Zap" at JoAnn's for twice the WalMart price. I bought some, but will buy online next time. We, then, went to Barnes & Nobles to calm my nerves and get the new 100 Blocks magazine. 
  Marie and Lucy making friends but Me-New & Lucy not so much.

   On the home front, Lucy is training very well and has had only one accident. The only problem is Lucy and Me-new have not become friends yet. It is better but not great. Me-new does not like all the attention Lucy gets that was hers.
      The carpenters have been working super hard getting the trailer livable. We are so excited that we now have a real lockable door and a floor. If all goes as it is going, Sammie and Marie should be able to move in by Christmas.  
    Also DH is going to get the carpenters to help fix the area that will be my studio. I can do most of the work, but figuring out load bearing walls is not something I will attempt. Nor is putting up ceilings or electrical work. Those things are best left to the experts! Once the ceiling is done and it has been determined which wall is load bearing, I will begin turning it into a proper studio. It has been a long time in planning!
    Well, back to the sewing room.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sit and Sew In - I Hope!

I have been trying to have a "Sit and Sew-In" since Monday without success. 

Monday DH asked me to drive him and DSD#2 to the dentist. That took until 3:30 and then it was time to go bowl. We won 4 games out of 4 which was interesting. I did however finish a secret project that I can't post until after Dec. 15th.

Today, I am working on various projects at intervals. I sew until I get cold and then stop and warm up. At least I am sewing! I will post updates and pictures of the not secret projects as I go!
 Thursday, I plan to sew until 2pm and then drive to BR for a guild meeting. Hopefully, I will get to do some sewing but plans are just that-plans.
I got to finish the 4 coasters and then finished 3 LSU / Saints microwave bowls. Then Marie came. She had no socks and no extra clothes. DH and I went to the dollar store and bought socks. When we got home, Marie had pooped everywhere so we needed clothes. Our neighbor has twins so we asked for a spare in Marie's size. Problem solved except the twins didn't use size 6-9 months. They are big children.
We got her changed and then Marie and Lucy began getting to know each other. Lucy is a pit puppy from my neighbor. I wanted a medium sized dog for the inside. Leapaul is getting old and having problems. He perked up when she arrived. So far there is only one problem....Lucy and Marie are jealous of each other. If one is next to me, both must be!
Right now I am sitting with Marie sleeping in my arms and Lucy sleeping on my hip. That may become a problem as they both grow.
Oh well! Tomorrow is another day for sewing.Lator Gators.