Monday, November 20, 2017

Design Wall 11/20/17

Goal 1BH Leader/Ender --  I trimmed and sewed all the blocks I had into fouries and ,made my row. Lo and behold I am 1 fouries short. Well, actually 2 quarter square triangles short! So red fabric has to be found (4 pieces) and the white background so I can cut the pieces and finish this flimsy. DONE this morning! All that is left is for the flimsy to be ironed. Next comes the back (thinking grey flannel) and the quilting (thinking another simple meander. Although a design that brings out the color would be wonderful!). 
Goal 2: Bindings on customer's quilts.  I still have the 2 baby quilts to do. I should be able to do both after we go grocery shopping.
Goal 3: Embroidery station set up. Now that my machine is back from spa, it is time to start projects. Hope, I remember how!
Goal 4: Pick a project to work on as leader/ender. 
KS BOM 2014
Choices: 1)BH's 17-18 Leader/Ender which is fence rail with a twist.(Don't really feel like working with blue fabrics.)  2) Alexis' graduation quilt. (I am still bummed about that quilt!) 3) Trash/Strings (I think I want to work on this one for sure.) 4) KS BOM 2014 - the stars are made. (I put this one on design wall it will make a sofa size quilt. Just have to find sashing fabric.) 5) DD#1's bow tie blocks. (Gosh- they are small!)
Happy Thanksgivings!


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Stash Report 11/19/17

Stash Report
Fabric IN This Week: 0 yards 
Fabric for IN November: 0 yards
Fabric IN YTD: 72 10/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: 0.25 yards
Fabric Out for November: 0.25 yards 
Fabric OUT YTD: 77 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 0.25  yards
Reduction/Enhancement November: 0.25 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD:  4 1/6 yards
    Thanks to DD#1 I have movement in the stash! She came to deliver my Christmas gift (the working base of a treadle) and left with 4 drawers (her gift), the treadle cabinet to go with them (her husband's gift), various bits and pieces, and a fat quarter of word fabric.
   Now all I have to do is put the cabinet that I bought years ago for DH on the base and then put the machine also gotten years ago in it. That will be DH's gift. (Pictures when base and cabinet are together.)
    I managed to prepare and sew on binding for t-shirt quilt and deliver it too.  It felt so wonderful to be back in my studio. This week I plan on sewing (I have bindings to put on and BH Leader/Ender 2016-17 to finish) and cleaning den. I also want to set-up my embroidery machine. 
Lator Gators!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Wonderings

Outside my window... darkness
I am listening to... grandson getting ready for school.
One of my favorite things... early morning coffee.
One of my least favorite things... complaining people.
I am missing... piecing. When I get home, I am tired and still have to cook so there is no time to piece.
I am planning... to sew all next week.
I am trying to remember... projects for energy sources. 
I need... peace.
I am wondering... how to finance my dream. 
I am thinking... it is time to think about Christmas.
I am super thankful... for my wonderful husband.
I am sewing on...  other people's bindings.
I am deciding... What to cook for Thanksgivings.
My future includes... A trip to San Antonio.
I am hoping... that all those coughing sneezing students get well during the break.
Should I...  cut my hair or not?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Design Wall 11/13/17

   As much as I  enjoy it, long term subbing can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. There has not been much energy for the studio. 
   However, this week I do need to spend some time in the studio. I must get those bindings done by Wednesday. Monday night is bowling so it all falls on Tuesday. All the prep is done so I should be able to knock it out quickly. 
   DD#1 is coming on Saturday to pick up money from t-shirt quilt. She is bring my Early Christmas gift. While I wait for her, my plan is to clean den.  My embroidery machine is fixed and home so I  can start on Christmas gifts while I am off from school.
  The Drama Queen is staying out of my sight which suits me fine. Her last visit caused me to lose my temper and become someone I had worked hard to leave behind. I haven't gotten that angry in over 25 years! She found out just how violent I can become when you hit my face. Trying hard to get back to my even tempered self.
Design Wall Goals:
Goal 1: Bindings on customer's quilts.  I was asked to machine sew binding on t-shirt quilt and 2 baby quilts.
Goal 2: BH Leader/Ender --  Continue trimming blocks, making twoies and fouries, and assembling last side.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Stash Report

Stash Report
Fabric IN This Week: 0 yards 
Fabric for IN November: 0 yards
Fabric IN YTD: 72 10/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: yards
Fabric Out for November: 0 yards 
Fabric OUT YTD: 76 9/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 0  yards
Reduction/Enhancement November: 0 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD:  3 1/2 yards

Thursday, November 2, 2017

November Goals

 Goal 1: BH Leader/Ender 2017- I want to complete the flimsy. DH loves that flimsy and requested it for himself. The back will be large pieces of the different fabrics used in the top. I will need to get a wool batting for it. Yes, we do live in South Louisiana but DH is always cold!
     Goal 2: Coffee Mug Rugs - they are cut out already so all I  need to do is sew.
     Goal 3:Around About Stars - begin knitting up parts. Fabrics have been collected and dies bought.
     Goal 4: Studio - work on completing what needs doing. 
    Goal 5: UFOs - when and if the 3 sewing goals are completed, I want to find and work on Twister Christmas Tree.

Early Thursday Morning Wonderings

Outside my window... darkness
I am listening to... puppies crying.
One of my favorite things... visiting with Glenda.
One of my least favorite things... the noise at recess.
I am missing... piecing. When I get home, I am tired and still have to cook so there is no time to piece.
I am planning... to go to Houston on Saturday for a day trip.
I am trying to remember... projects for energy sources. 
I need... more energy and time in the day and even more energy.
I am wondering... what to do for DGD#4's graduation. Do I  still make a quilt or do something else?. 
I am thinking... it is time to get serious about a quilting machine considering all the quilts I need in 2017-2018. 
I am super thankful... for my wonderful husband.
I am sewing on...  other people's bindings.
I am deciding... on the final location for my sewing table.
My future includes... A trip to International Quilt festival in Houston.
I am hoping... that when it gets light that I won't find too many puppies.
Should I...  get a BabyLock or a HandiQuilter?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!