Sunday, May 1, 2016

Design Wall Monday, May 2, 2016

April went by too quickly. I didn't accomplish any of my monthly goals. Therefore May will be a catch-up month.
Catch-Up Goals for May:
1. Complete T-shirt top by Friday.
2. Bring t-shirt top for quilting on Saturday.
3. Bind t-shirt quilt by Monday.
4. Work on DD#1s Minion Quilt. Complete by 15th.
5. Machine Bind Marie's Quilt & Bella's Quilt by 5/9.
6. Work on UFO Challenge APQ #7-Binding on Soccer Beauty.
7. Complete tying of PJ's Quilt(UFO Challenge APQ#1).
8. Complete J&B Blocks 9-12.
9. Start KS Challenge Project - Part 1 -Background.

Stash Report Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fabric In: 0 yards (Only fabric that came in was 2 yards of black and 2 yards of gray for t-shirt quilt)
Fabric In for April: 33 yards
Fabric In for May: 0 yards
Fabric Out:  0 yards
Fabric Out for April: 24 yards
Fabric Out for May: 0 yards
April Stash Enhancement:  9 yards
May Stash Movement: 0 yards
Fabric In YTD:  66 2/12 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 63 yards
YTD Stash Enhancement:  2 2/3 yards
     Not much time was spent in the Studio this week. DGGD#1 & DGGD#2 took up all my time since my helpers would disappear most days. They reminded me that I hadn't had small children around constantly in a long time and how much attention & energy little ones require. My energy level is in low supply with this spring allergy crud going strong. They wore me out! 
  All my piecing has been on the t-shirt quilt. It is finally at the put the rows and columns together stage. It will be quite a puzzle to put it together with all the different sized blocks. I think I can - I think I can - I think I can finish it by Friday night so that I can bring it to DD#1 to quilt on Saturday.
Such a cute couple!
   Saturday, I spent time working on the J&B BOM block for this month. DH, DD#4, Dallas, DD#3, and I had the privilege of attending the Northwest ROTC Military Ball/Banquet. DGS#9 was at the head table as escort for the Freshman Princess. Chris got several awards and the Purple Heart Award for Scholastic Achievement. The program was interesting; the food was very good; and the company was excellent. However, I got a good talking to about spying on DGS#9 and his princess.
   In my defense, he is still my "sweet boy" and I can prove it! He climbed in the window of the truck, uniform and all, to give me my traditional grandma/grandson kiss/hug before he drove off in his daddy's car with his mom & dad. No matter how tall, how old, how important or how proud- he is grandma's "sweet boy"!
  Lator Gators. May your week be blessed and may you make lemonade from the lemons life gives you.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Saturday Morning

Outside my window...clouds with a promise of rain.
I am listening to...Spirit in the kitchen.
I really morning coffee. It gives me time to think and reflect on the day before and the day to come.
I am super thankful...for my sweet dear husband. He is the light of my life and always supports me no matter how lame brain I am being.
One of my favorite studio. It is still not where I want it to be but it is still my favorite spot in the house.
I am looking forward to...going to DGS#9's awards ceremony/ball tonight. 
I am this evenings activities will turn out.
I am planning...bringing DGGD#1&DGGD#2 back to Tennessee on May 10th. Hopefully, Bella will have gotten over her stuffy nose by then.
I finish the t-shirt top.
I am sew more next week.
I am seldom goes as I plan it to go.
I am trying to to get things done with a 2 year old and 8 month old in the house.
I am hoping...DD#4's work schedule will give her more "niece" time this week.
I am sorry...that I am not as quick as I was when I was younger. I wish my granddad was here to remind and show me that you are only as old as you feel. This past week I felt like I was in my 90s with Bella sick and me with the spring crud.
I am still DGGD#1s antics. She has her Pape and Grandma wrapped around her little finger as does DGGD#2.
      Just thoughts and wonderings .

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fabric In: yards (2 yds Halloween text, 2 yds newspaper text, 1 yd Navy blue for KS Mystery)
Fabric In for April: 33 yards
Fabric Out:  0 yards
Fabric Out for April: 24 yards
April Stash Enhancement:  9 yards
Fabric In YTD:  66 2/12 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 63 yards
YTD Stash Enhancement:  2 2/3 yards
  Not much sewing done this week! We left Tuesday morning for Paducah and didn't get back until Saturday afternoon. I spent my time sight seeing, petting fabric, oohing over quilts, playing with DGGDs and DGD#2, and fabric too.
  Paducah was crowded and too spread out for my taste. Most of the quilts were in a separate area from the rest of the show and we did not find this out until we were tired and ready to get away from the crowds. It is definitely not a show I would go to again with DH.
The few quilts we saw were beautiful! But Houston is more to my taste. 1 building with all the quilts together and the aisles are large enough that people aren't pushing you or elbowing you. However, I did enjoy Hancock's of Paducah.
  DH and I took DGGDs #1 & #2 back to Louisiana with us to visit with their grandmother and Grandfather for Mother's Day. The trip back went very well. The girls were angels most of the time. That is a hard feat for a 2 yo and a 8 month old.
  Leeapaul got sick on the way back and still hasn't completely recovered. Too much rich food and excitement.
Lator Gators!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Design Wall Monday, April 18, 2016

Goals for 4/18/16 - 4/24/16
1. Sash 10 t-shirt blocks before Tuesday.
2. Spoil DGD#2, DGGD#1 & DGGD#2.
3. Enjoy self at Paducah on Thursday and Friday.
4. Work/Play with DGD#2 on Cricut. I want to learn how to make fabric labels with it.
Update on Goals for 4/11/16 - 4/17/16
00. Taxes Done and they weren't as high as usual about half.

1. Complete interfacing t-shirts. I only have 4 left. I had to buy more SP 101. Done
2. Hand sew the binding on the Wedding Quilt. -DONE Yay!!!

3. Sew J&B block together for Tuesday. Done
4. Make more Reva Blocks aka Scrap Tease and Woven Star blocks.- Nope instead helping DD#4 with a Disney Villain Quilt while adding sashing to t-shirt quilt.
5. Put sashing on t-shirt blocks. Started
6. Begin sewing together background for secret Guild project.- Nope.
7. Kit Block 9 of J&B BOM-Kitted ready to sew

8. Label for Wedding Quilt-Planned but not done.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fabric In: 6 yards
Fabric In for April: 28 yards
Fabric Out:  22 1/4 yards (Wedding Quilt and Soccer Beauty)
Fabric Out for April: 24 1/4 yards
April Stash Enhancement:  13 yards
Fabric In YTD:  61 2/12 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 63 yards
YTD Stash Reduction:  1 5/6 yards
  DD#4 made me do it! That's my story and I am sticking to it. She was ordering fabric online and showed me some beautiful Moda Solids in Royal Blue, Lemon Yellow, & Lime Green. Since my stash is very limited in the area of solids and tone-on-tone, I bought 2 yards of each.
  My stash needs refreshing so I am not stressing. Besides, DD#1 has 2 quilts quilted for me so that is at least another 8-12 yds. The Green Zebra will be about 8 yards and Bella's Quilt will be about 4 yards. If DD#1 gets the red, black, & white quilt done, that will be another 8 yards.
   Fabric that has been used is showing up in finished quilts finally! I can tell the fabric is disappearing from my stash since space is appearing on the stash shelves.
  My plan for Paducah is to enjoy the quilts, tools, and people. If I do find fabric I can't live without (text fabrics, solids, tone-on-tones, sewing fabrics, and veggies), it won't bother me to refresh my stash. I have a veggie and Minion quilt, a blue and yellow quilt, a navy and lime quilt planned as future projects. The text and sewing themed fabric would become part of the KS challenge. I thinking the KS Mystery will become either the navy/lime or blue/yellow quilt.
  Next things on my list is to finish PJ's quilt and to make my secret KS challenge. Of course, I still have the t-shirt quilt, J&B BOM, and KS Mystery to work on not to mention Scrap Tease, Geema 18, and Woven Star Blocks to work on.
  Lator Gators. I have packing to do and sashing to get done.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Wedding Quilt" Pictures

 I will have more pictures when the guild newsletter comes out. (I am very proud of this quilt and especially DD#1's quilting.)

 Everyone oohed and ah-ed over the quilting and colors. So my mish mash of fabric types and styles didn't hurt the look. There are African prints, florals, ants, giraffe, solids, tone-on-tones, paisleys, and anything else that had the same colors as my focal piece which was a large floral which is supposed to be in the middle but isn't!
  I have to warn you that there will be more pictures of this quilt. I am that proud of my DD#1's work and my piecing.
Lator Gators!