Sunday, August 20, 2017

Design Wall - Plans

   To be quite honest I doubt that much will be accomplished in studio this week with me subbing.  In fact, probably not much forvthe next 6 weeks! It will take a couple of weeks at least to establish a regiment for DH and I. 
Monday: After school, we have bowling.
Tuesday: Lessons, cooking, and cleaning.
Wednesday: DGS#9 is coming to move things in studio so he can finish painting floor. Since last part is in front of door, I will have to stay out of studio while floor drys/cures.
Thursday: Lessons, cooking, and cleaning.
Friday: Time with DH. Evaluate week of subbing; lesson planning.
Saturday: Sewing!
Sunday: Church w/serving; lesson planning
Back & center needed
TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - continue working on center block.
TMG 2) Studio  - curing/drying time for last part of floor. Move cutting table into room.
3)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Rip, rip, repeat then sew second red side row together. Add first row to project.
4) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks - cut parts.
Waiting to be completed
Muddy Leaves
5) Bindings - Dee's wall handing with special hanging sleeves and Muddy Leaves. All will be machine bound. 
Well, as they say you can dream and plan all day but at some time you have to start executing.

Stash Report 8/20/2017

Muddy Leaves
Fabric IN This Week: yards
Fabric IN for August: 9 yards 
Fabric IN YTD: 53 8/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: yards 
Fabric OUT for August: 0 yards
Fabric OUT YTD: 45 9/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 0 yards
Reduction/Enhancement for August: 9 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 7 11/12 yards
   There should be a reduction next week b/c DD#1 sent "Muddy Leaves" back quilted. I will try to get it bound by next week.
   Today: Church; husband's family get-together at 4pm; lesson plans for week and PowerPoints for 2 days. I will be up late!
Design Wall Report:
TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - Still waiting for last t-shirt.
TMG 2) Studio  - Cutting table still is not in studio.
3)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Red row is sewn but not on quilt. Second row I had to redo blocks forgot and just sewed. Lots of unstitching to do! About 15 blocks to unseat! Ugh!

4) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks  I sewed center together.
5) Insurance- Done 
6) Lawyer - Nothing accomplished.
   Friday was a long, hot, busy day! During the day several people poked their heads in the classroom to see how we were doing, since it was quiet with only learning noises going on. It seems that this is new! DD#3 got good reports on my performance. 
   The only real problem was that the students were taught a wrong procedure in Math by the teacher before me. But DD#3 and I straightened that out. I am happy to say that I am not losing my math skills.
     The second class will need more hands-on work since it gets very warm in the classroom in the afternoon causing everyone to get ants-in-the-pants. Also the love bugs seem to congregate along the outside walls. The adventure goes on! A day with the eclipse on Monday will be interesting!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Progress 8/15/17

TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - Waiting for DD#2's design for center. Hopefully it will be ready soon. I am confident that flimsy and backing will be ready by September possibly sooner.
Ready for rows
TMG 2) Studio  - Chris put down baseboards that could be put down. Floor is still curing/drying. Saturday I  get DGS#9 to help move cutting table into studio.
3)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Sew red side rows together using blocks already done.
4) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks  The center is pieced together. Now I need to cut and piece 21 quarter stars for the next round. This has to be a flimsy by end of October so DD#1 can quilt it by December 15th. I need to deliver it on Christmas!
5) Insurance- I am now square with Tricare and it only took 3 hours.
6) Lawyer - Still no lawyer. 
News: I have accepted another long term subbing job starting Friday. 
Lator Gators! I have lesson plans to construct and study. Clothes to buy.

Monday, August 14, 2017

To Be or Not To Be

Do I want to...
     Give up early morning blogging/coffee time and my hours in my new studio?
     Spend hours away from DH?
     Spend hours with DD#3?
     Get up at 5am and be dressed professionally, ready to go with lunch by 6am?
     Do all the non-teaching paperwork that teachers have to do?
     Write lesson plans for Math, Science, and Social Sudies?
     Face classes of 25 fifth graders every day for 6 hours?
     Do lunch duty, recess duty, and bus duty?
     Write experiments with lab reports?
     Find or construct PowerPoints for lessons?
     Grade papers and record grades?
     Face disgruntled parents? Or for that matter parents in general?
     Watch the eyes of students light up as they conquer new skills?
     Guess the answer is YES! Once a racehorse - always a racehorse. This goes for teachers too. My mom came out of retirement to teach in the computer lab at the school I was to help lessen my load. Imagine a 35 year high school veteran teaching kindergarteners. Believe me it was a big learning curve for the students and my mom. It was a preview of the future!
     Well, this morning DD#3 called and asked me to sub at her school. The teacher was in a terrible accident and is having surgery today. They dont know when she will be back. The sub that is there now does not meet my daughter's standards for "her kids".  Sub is not doing lesson plans and just gives kids work and sits at desk. This is typical sub behavior but is not good for long term.
  DD#3 wants a sub who will teach "her kids" the skills they need to cover for the first six weeks. Not to mention a sub that can handle discipline and lesson plans.
   How can you not say yes when she says, "Mom, I told the principal that I learned how to teach from you!(She is the leading math teacher in this parish.) You were a great teacher!" (As you can tell, I did not teach English or Grammar.") DD#3 saying that was the greatest compliment I could ever receive from her. But then she said that it would be teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies. She stated she knew the kids were going to have great science lessons. She would help me with Math and Social Sudies; and that if I followed her advice, it would be fine! Great backhanded compliment!
     She didn't know that last year I long-termed subbed for a 5th grade Math, Science, Social Sudies teacher so I am familiar with what is taught. 
     I agreed to start this new adventure Friday/Monday! Wish me luck.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Design Wall for Week of August 13, 2017

TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - continue working on getting blocks to flimsy state.  I am waiting for DD#2 to design a center block since this year's t-shirt is not ready. The back will feature a motorcycle, road map and I think fabric DD#2 gave me from her trip last year, and left over border fabrics from front. Cheryl S approved design of front! I am confident that flimsy and backing will be ready by September possibly sooner.
Ready for rows
TMG 2) Studio  - curing/drying time for floors. Move cutting table into room.
3)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project: Sew red side rows together using blocks already done.
Another round 
4) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks -  I laid the new design out on my shiny studio floor and love it. Next i will sew it together. Then decide how to extend it to queen size. Another round of off centered star points is appealing to me. I am already thinking about how I  want it quilted. (Don't worry, Dee, I  am thinking blue varigated thread and meander.) It has to be a flimsy by October so DD#1 can quilt it by December 15th. I need to deliver it on Christmas!
5) Insurance- Tricare and I seem to be at odds about my needing insurance coverage. I have tried calling- no luck; mailing forms - no luck; so Wednesday DH and I will travel to base and talk to a real live person. Hopefully, I  will be able to straighten out the problem. On the way there we will stop and deliver tops for DD#1 to quilt and pick up one or two that are done. One for Cheryl H. and one for me (my commision).
6) Lawyer - DH and I need to clear up some legal matters including proper wills. There are lots of criminal, divorce, real estate, and insurance lawyers in this parish, but not so many for family matters. Monday I will be contacting one, I hope!
Lator Gators! I have piecing to do and backs to make.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Stash Report August 13

Fabric IN This Week: yards (fabric for STT came in)
Fabric IN for August: 9 yards 
Fabric IN YTD: 53 8/12 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: yards 
Fabric OUT for August: 0 yards
Fabric OUT YTD: 45 9/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: yards
Reduction/Enhancement for August: 9 yards
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 7 11/12 yard
Weekly Goals: (Problems with Blogger and type size)
Center missing
TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - started cutting interfaced t-shirts to 15 1/2" and putting sashing. I am one block short (see center area) and have three options: 1) cut and interface a non-breast cancer shirt; 2) use front pockets to make a block; 3) design and make a 15 1/2" block for center. Right now I am leaning towards 2 or 3. 
DD#2 came to my rescue! She is designing an iron-on vinyl center to put on a light blue t-shirt. Once she is done I will finish this section and add 4" hot pink border and 6" blue border. I will bind it in pink.
Need to put tape
TMG 2) Studio -DGS#9 moved my big ironing board into studio which will make working on these easier. It can also double as an cutting station. As soon as floor cures, the cuting table will be moved in.
Red fouries
3)   BH 2016 Leader/Ender project:  My box of fouries is growing. I will soon have enough to make side rows. I need 50 fouries - (11 x 2 + 14 x 2) It is time to get this to flimsy stage, b/c I am ready for new leader/ender. This years is fence rail with one rail being black/white half square triangles. Guess what colors DGS#8 requested for his 2019 graduation quilt - yep, blue, black, & white. I plan on using all the left over blues and blacks from Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt and left over wow from 2016-2017 leader/ender challenge. 
Star Burst
4) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks - at the guild meeting Kathy LaFleur showed her version of a binding quilt. I loved it More than what I was doing. Then on Pinterest I saw Star Burst by A. Mason. The center was exactly what I really wanted. So back to the design bed!
5) Fabric - I have been making slabs instead of using other fabric!
6) Guild meetings- DONE! 
7) Doctor Appointments - DONE!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Progress week of August7-12

TMG 1)  T-shirt quilt for "Save the Ta-Tas" Raffle - fabric for sashing came in and I love it! I have cut sashing at 2 1/2" to finish at 2". Now I need to move big ironing board to studio so I can get t-shirt blocks securely ironed.
TMG 2) Studio - DGS#9 painted sashings for me. Floor is ready for painting. Rain has to stop. I need the floor done!
3) Guild meetings- DONE! I made KS Guild meeting. We were treated to review of Challenge projects and Retreat finishes.
4) Fabric - Still pondering on what to make with paisley and Halloween fabrics. I started making slabs from a box of small scraps.
5)   BH 2016/17 Leader/Ender project: More squares and twoies ironed. Cut and sewed more parts. Now need to trim blocks and sew halves into blocks. Then repeat cutting, sewing, and ironing making more blocks. When I have 30 of these  blocks, I will make a side.
  To be honest, I'm ready for the new BH 2017/18 Leader/Ender project. It is fence rail with one rail as half square triangles.
6) Doctor Appointments - DONE! DH got more steroids to he)p with swelling. It seems to be working since the Moore went down and it isnt hurting as much. His pace maker has been deemed healthy and good for 4-5 more years.
  My meds are working somewhat. The blob is getting smaller and draining it has not disappeared yet. If it is not better/gone by Monday, i will go back to my doctor. At least I have stopped throwing up. That in its self is s blessing!
7) Blue Binding Star Wedding quilt blocks - nothing accomplished.