Thursday, June 30, 2016


Day 1(Monday): We traveled to Hot Springs, Missouri. It was a good beginning to the trip and the most expensive hotel. DH and DD#4 found a casino/gaming establishment and went enjoy it while DGD#5 and I enjoyed the hotel room.
Day 2 (Tuesday): We traveled up Highway 7 to Branson, Missouri. We went that way b/c I wanted to revisit Booger Hallow which according to Google was still there. Google lied! Highway 7 is a long curvy road up the mountains with lots of scenic views. It feels like a roller coaster!  DGD#5 did not like that ride. We reached Branson by 3pm and went to our hotel. Then we went to Silver Dollar City so DD#4 and DGD#5 could have an experience. All I can say is that it was expensive. DH and I both got injured while I tried to manage the wheelchair. It slipped out of my grip and by the time I stopped it rolling his knee was banged and my toe nail was bleeding. That was as far as we went in the park. The other two went exploring and riding. Then we all met for the evening show. Trying to get back to the hotel was also an adventure. The driver forgot us and another group. Needless to say, we were the last people besides the employees/clean up crews to leave the park.
Day 3 (Wednesday): We started towards Hamilton, Missouri. First, we stopped at a wonderful little shop, Sew Simple, outside of Branson. Quilters were sewing and discussing colors and fabrics and asked us our opinion. We found 2 panels for Halloween, text fabric, and some license plate fabric that had to travel with us. The shop manager was very friendly and helpful. There was even a chair for DH. It was a great unplanned stop and started us on our hunt for plates and Row by Row patterns to document our trip.
 After this brief stop, we went on to Hamilton, Missouri and Missouri Star Quilt Company. We got there around 2:30pm. First on the agenda was eating a late lunch. DH is the hardest person to get lunch for at places he doesn't know. He ordered a BLT without the T and then didn't like it. I ordered a mushroom burger(I cut it in half and traded with DH for half of his BLT) which was fantastic and garlic fries which were even better. Next we started looking in the 9 shops there. Wow! So much beautiful fabric. We left DH there while we went to the two shops on that side of the street. Yes, fabric did jump in to our arms. After those 3 shops, we drove and parked across the street. DH and DGD#5 were deposited in the Man Cave which is filled with truly comfortable recliners, a pool table, and snack machines. DD#4 and I did a quick tour of the shops on that side and I do mean quick b/c it was getting close to closing time. Yes, fabric did join us. We closed down the last 2 shops and headed about 15 miles down the road to a hotel and a supper of Subway sandwiches and salads.
Day 4 (Thursday): The next morning we traveled back to Hamilton to revisit the last 2 shops. I got fabric overload b/c I wanted everything in the solids shop but could not justify purchasing much. That is what happens when you have been on a "Only buy what you know you will use" fabric mind set. Had I known that DGS#1 and Brandi were choosing blues and black for their wedding quilt, I would have been in trouble! Big Trouble!
  After that wonderful experience in Hamilton (if you get the chance to visit, it is worth the trip), we traveled a bit down the road to Kansas City, Missouri and the Harrah Casino where we stayed the night. DH and DD#4 went down to the Casino while DGD#5 and I de-stressed in the room. When DD#4 donated her $30 to the casino, we three girls went down and closed the lunch buffet. The food was excellent. DH ate somewhere else because he didn't get back until 7pm and left again. DD#4 took my $30 and went donate it. Every one was happy!
Day 5 (Friday): We started the long drive to San Antonio. This day was a blur except I do know we went to 2 or 3 quilt shops. I really liked the first one in Kansas. We found fabric there that we hadn't seen even in Hamilton and it was on sale. The second one was a trip! It is a combination grocery store and fabric shop. I don't think that it is to make money b/c I know they didn't with us. This is the one shop where we spent the most money and got twice the fabric we bought. The second shop was not as friendly but their license plate was great! I think there was a 4th shop somewhere but it is a blur. I was tired and road weary!
Day 6 (Saturday): We continued our drive to San Antonio and made it. We found Lynn's house after much discussion as to what city she lived in. We then went to Randolph Air Force Base and got lodging, another nice place. After a while we met up with Lynn for supper at WOW. All I have to say is that it was very expensive and not that great. But it was fun to watch DH try to eat the hottest wings in the place. DD#4 and DSD#1and I had drinks that were so so and cost more than normal.
Day 7 (Sunday): We started late and met Lynn at her house. Then off to our hotel on the River Walk. We went to eat at one place but it was closed so we went to Luther's in the Rainbow district. There the food was excellent, the drinks strong, and the company entertaining. After lunch we went back to the hotel, Lynn, Renee', and DH stayed outside and bonded while Spirit and I went upstairs to rest. Trey and Brandi joined us and Happy Hour was enjoyed by all. 
  After that we went to Chaco's for food and more spirits.  Trey and Brandi are heading back to California to start their life together on Tuesday. I hope she has lots of patience b/c Trey is very much like is Pape(DH).  Full and slightly tipsy, we went back to the hotel where DH and DD#4 went downstairs to share the night air. DH said we keep the hotel rooms too cold at 74 so he has to warm up. He was "guarding Renee' while she smoked. He spent a lot of his SA time "guarding" things outside sitting at a table.
Day 8 (Monday):  Renee and I had coffee and then we went to a quilt shop near the hotel to pick up their license plate and row by row. While there fabric just had to jump in our hands. We also so another row by row that was just perfect to represent SA so we added it to our journey destinations. After we got back to the hotel, Renee and Spirit got dressed and went to Splash Town for some mom/daughter bonded and Pape and I stayed at the hotel for some quiet time. We had an excellent lunch of fish and chips. The girls got back with slight sunburns around 2pm. Renee was pleased b/c she learned to Uber and honestly I was too b/c driving in SA is stressful for me. At 4pm Happy Hour started and we enjoyed it immensely. Lynn came about 7pm and we went to supper. DJ joined up around 8:30Pm and we closed that place down too. The Staff there were not that friendly but I guess they wanted to go home!
  We all went back to the hotel and enjoyed stories by Pape and drinks. It was a great ending to a fantastic day! Only thing I would have changed is not having our two grandsons with us at the same time. I did not get to take my Pape with grandsons picture.
Day 9 (Tuesday): We packed our things and had a leisurely morning. At about 12pm, we ordered lunch which was somewhat stressful b/c Spirit is so picky and there was a double case of PMS going on. The food was plentiful and good even if Spirit wouldn't try the pasta b/c she wanted spaghetti. We left the hotel about 1pm and drove to the ]quilt shop with only a couple of missed turns. Did I mention that driving in big cities is stressful for me? We arrived safely and picked up a few pieces too.
Petting fabric while DH drives!
Then we started the long drive home. I couldn't go any further around 4pm and DH took over the driving. I slept until 34 miles out of Houston. The traffic was heavy but steady. DH didn't stress me out too much. We stopped and got gas which was an adventure; then stopped again for  hot dogs. DH drove the whole way home where we faced the disaster of the house. Our pets must have had a pooping and peeing party while we were gone.
     All in all it was a great vacation! Lots of family time and fabric petting  time. Only a little stress.
Day 10 (Wednesday) Officially, vacation is over for DD#4, but not for me! I woke up and mopped my whole house with bleach water to get it really clean. Then I packed up and went to a class with Dorinda Evans. It felt so good to sew again. I really missed it! We sewed strata together in dark, medium, and light. Then cut the dark and light pointing right and medium pointing left.  Sewn together in columns it makes an unusual 3D illusion. I think that this will end up being a wedding quilt, who knows!
Day 11 (Thursday): I am suppose to be decluttering my living room and going thru the mail but instead I am writing this account and enjoying my quiet time. This afternoon I will go thru mail and bring all my loot to the studio.
Day 12(Friday): This day had been planned for Thursday, when I left last Monday but due to scheduling it was rescheduled for Friday. Pam, Dottie, Charlotte, and I are heading out for a license plate and row-by-row hunt on this side of the Mississippi excluding Shreveport and Lake Charles. It should be a fun day with great friends! Great way to end my Birthday Month and Vacation.
Pictures of loot on Sunday's Stash Report!
Lator Gators. Life calls.

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Quiet Thursday Morning

Outside my window...damp grass that need cutting, Lilly wanting to come inside, and Lucy standing on the window edge looking in to see what I am doing instead of going feed her.
I am listening blowing cool air on my feet and Spirit jumping/dancing in her room.
I really enjoy...and missed my quiet time in the mornings with my cup of coffee.
I am super thankful...that we made the trip to Missouri and back safely. Also for all the wonderful shops I got to visit along the way. Leeapaul is glad we are home! He has jumped into the truck or car every time we open the doors. He is NOT going to be left behind again! Me-new is following me around like a puppy and Lilly isn't far behind. Next trip will have to be in the camper so they can come.
One of my favorite things...meeting up with old friends I haven't seen for a year or more & it feels as if we were together yesterday. Those are true friends!
I finish some projects by the 5th. - J&B block #11 and guild challenge and PJ's quilt. These need to be finished before I start or work on other projects (PIGs & PhDs). The Folded Fan strata will become my leader and enders & I think one of the Wedding Quilts. I just need to remember- twice as many medium diamonds as darks and lights & darks and lights go to the right while mediums are left out.
I am looking forward to...tomorrow. Pam, Dottie, Charlotte, and I will be hunting for license plates and Row by Row patterns on this side of the Mississippi.
I am wondering...what July will bring. June has been fantastic if not productive. I am extending my birthday month one day into July due to scheduling conflicts - getting 4 people on the same page is difficult!
I am see more of my grandchildren and great grandchildren this summer even if it is only on FaceBook. DGS#9 is home and has given me hugs twice since Tuesday evening and have had hugs from DGD#4 & DGS#10. Even DGD#5 has been giving me half hugs. Love those hugs.
I am planning...on making 2 more wedding quilts before October-One with lots of Halloween fabric and one with black and blues.
I am thinking...I have a great life. Better than I expected and deserve.
I am trying to remember...where I bought each item on my table. I will post pictures soon.
I am sorry...that DH & I only got to spend a few hours with DGS#1 and DGS#5. We never could get both of them together at the same time.
I am missing...talking/texting my DGD#2. But soon she will be moving back to Louisiana which may not be a good thing. I hope she and Billy can find a way to be independent here.
I am still DD#4's antics while on our trip. She made me smile and giggle. I am so glad she is my friend who is also my daughter.
I am going...clean my living room and kitchen either today or Saturday. Yesterday, I mopped the house with bleach water, before I went to Dorinda Evans' class on Folded Fans/Picket Fence. DH mopped Tuesday night with Lysol. After a week of pets alone, it needed more b/c I forgot to ask the pet sitter, DGS#9, to clean up after the dogs. Being a teenager, DGS#9 only did the things I asked him to do. The dogs and cat were well fed and loved on even if the house wasn't cared for. Next time I will know!

 Just thoughts and wonderings

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Stash Report Sunday June 19, 2016

Fabric In: 1 yard (fabric strips and 1/2 yard from DD#1)
Fabric In for June: 2 yards
Fabric Out:  0 yards 

Fabric Out for June: 3.25 yards
June Stash Movement: 1.25 yards
Fabric In YTD:  69 2/3 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 74 yards
YTD Stash Reduction:  4 1/3 yards

  I am sewing just not completing. This next week I won't be sewing either.
  My birthday was great. I gave myself another present - a camera. It is not my usual $79 dollar camera but it is not the fancy ones either. It has more features than I understand so I will have to learn.
   Saturday DH and I traveled to DD#1's house to deliver a pile of finished binding. While there, I raided her stash of 1 1/2" and 2" strips for my class on the 29th. Then we traveled to Glenda's where I picked up the Go! It was so good to see her! The visit wasn't long b/c they were busy and DH was ready to go home. Saturday was fantastic!
Goals for June 20th to June 27, 2016:
1) See 4 states.
2) Take pictures with new camera.
3) Buy fabric that appeals to me.
4) Stay sane.
5) See DSD#1 and DGS#5 and DGS#1.
6) Get home safely.
Update from last week:
Minions for Bryan
1) Applique for friend.  (No Pictures)
2) Work on DD#1s Minion Quilt. Done
New background
3) Make a second sewing machine backing for Challenge since first was nondescript (boring). Done

4) Pull strings for Dorinda Evans' Folded Fans class on the 29th.
5) Make or buy letters for Challenge saying.(No Pictures until July 10)
Paper piecing
6) Machine binding of Green Zebra.(No Pictures)
7) Complete tying of PJ's Quilt(UFO Challenge APQ#1).(No Pictures)
8) Pack & Cut pieces for handwork project to do while traveling.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thoughts and Wonderings on a Hot Muggy Birthday Morning

Outside my and muggy weather. The temps reached 103 degrees yesterday and it is predicted to be hotter today.
I am listening to...the fan blowing air around the room. It isn't cool air since DH gets "cold" if the house is cooler than 80.
I really morning coffee. This morning I also had a biscuit.
I am super thankful...for all that the Lord has blessed me with especially a studio where I can keep it as cool as I want to. It is definitely not kept at 80.
One of my favorite things...quiet mornings sitting thinking about how to get things done.
I turn my husband's internal thermostat up so that the house's thermostat could go down.
I am looking forward to...traveling to Missouri. It should be a relaxing trip with only two planned events.
I am wondering...about strip colors for the class I am taking on the 29th.
I am hoping...everything goes smoothly until the 30th.
I am get the brakes on my truck worked on before they get to the point that they need working on. Being Pro-active rather than Re-active.
I am thinking...that while I don't claim the whole month like some do, my birthday month is great!
I am trying to remember...what I am suppose to do this week. It is strange to have a whole week with nothing scheduled!
I am sorry...that I don't always say the right thing the right way.
I am missing... DGD#2.
I am still the antics of my neighbors two children in their little pool. They have so much fun.
I am bring the new Phaff in for a check-up.
   Well, It is time to get dressed and start this gloriously hot muggy day.
 Just thoughts and wonderings .

Monday, June 13, 2016

Design Wall June 13, 2016

Minion blocks
   This week I will trying to finish these projects while packing.
1) Applique for friend.  (No Pictures)
2) Work on DD#1s Minion Quilt. Done
New background
3) Make a second sewing machine backing for Challenge since first was nondescript (boring). Done

4) Pull strings for Dorinda Evans' Folded Fans class on the 29th.
5) Make or buy letters for Challenge saying.(No Pictures until July 10)
Paper piecing
6) Machine binding of Green Zebra.(No Pictures)
7) Complete tying of PJ's Quilt(UFO Challenge APQ#1).(No Pictures)
8) Pack & Cut pieces for handwork project to do while traveling.
Lator Gators. I need to make more blocks for the Minion quilt. It still isn't long enough.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stash Report Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fabric In: 1 yards (fat quarter & panel won at meeting)
Fabric In for June: 1 yards
Fabric Out:  0 yards 

Fabric Out for June: 3.25 yards
June Stash Movement: 2.25 yards
Fabric In YTD:  68 2/3 yards
Fabric Out YTD: 74 yards
YTD Stash Reduction:  5 1/3 yards

   Life has just been lazy this week. I spent most of the time working with kids on snap bags. The rest of the time was spent with hubby and DD#4 and doing lots of house work.
  I think I went into my studio twice this week. Maybe I need to set a goal of being in studio at least 30 minutes a day. My mojo just went AWOL.
  I am excited because I signed up for a class to make Dorinda Evans' Folded Fan quilt. The fabrics for that one are all strings and I will have to collect and prepare things before we go traveling. Class is the first day we are back!
   I won a beautiful panel at the guild meeting and a wordy birthday fat quarter.
  Two dear friends added more travel to my birthday month with a proposed trip to get Louisiana Row by Row blocks and license plates. We divided it into 4 trips - South1, South 2,  East, and North. On the South 1 trip (Lafayette and South to Houma), we will be joined by a special guest, Charlotte Angoti.  I'm up for that! Glenda, want to join us for the Eastern trip?
   I need to go spend time with my sewing machines and find strings 2" and smaller in light, medium, and dark tones. Lator Gators!

Friday, June 10, 2016

June Birthday Month

   June has lots of birthdays including mine. We start on the 1st with DGS #8-PJ. Then on the 10th is DD#3-Billie; following immediately by DSD#1-Lynn, DSD#2-Lisa, and DGS#10-Bryan on the 11th. I follow next on the 17th with my mom's on the 18th and DGD#4-Alexis on the 19th. Then to end the month is DSS#1-XJ on the 21st.
  I decided to give myself birthday presents this year. My first present to myself is a trip to Branson, Missouri; Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Missouri; and down to San Antonio, Texas. Then I am taking a Folded Fans class with Dorinda Evans on the 28th. I have wanted to take that class since I saw it at the GSQA meeting in Lafayette years ago. I am so excited! We are going to end the month with camping. Perfect birthday month!
  Lator Gators! Life is not always what I expect but there is good in every day. You just have to look!