Monday, October 16, 2017

Design Wall

Goal 1 BBSWQ (Blue Binding Star Wedding Quilt)-  Complete flimsy! 
Goal 2: BH Leader/Ender --  Continue trimming blocks, making twoies and fouries, and assembling last side.
GOAL 3: Studio -
a) Office - Pull 1 more bin from office area and go thru it. 
b) Floor - Sweep and mop floors.
c) Right side - Continue straightening and rearranging.
This week was a very interesting week!
   The internet went out on Wednesday which made for an unhappy family. Sunday it was restored and immediately DH & DGS#9 were on line. Great thing about no internet was I worked on my prayer shawl. I am on the last row! Pictures next week.
  Thursday, I went to the KS guild meeting and had a blast - it was a Halloween pj party. A bear came home with me as a door prize - it went in the box for DGGS#2 who will arrive in March. 
  Friday was spend decluttering DH's computer room! There is still more to do but now you can see DH when he is at my desk which he now uses and don't have to turn sideways to get to his. My goals are to move him back to his desk and to make the room less of a fire hazard. Living with a hoarder can be frustrating! I have learned after 20 years how to cope but every once in a blue moon, I start decluttering and throwing. This week there was a blue moon which will last until 24th! Please say a prayer for DH and for me.

  Saturday morning, I  ran around trying to get internet fixed to no avail. Saturday afternoon was spent outside at the Save the Ta-Ta's event babysitting DGGD#2 (Marie) and various children while DD#2 and DGD#2 worked inside. The quilt I  donated went for $300 dollars. 
  Sunday was spent at church, cooking, cleaning, and waiting for techs. DH had a family reunion which he enjoyed.
Stash Report
Fabric IN This Week: 0 yards
Fabric for IN October: 0 yards
Fabric IN YTD: 67 2/3 yards
Fabric OUT This Week: 0 yards
Fabric OUT for October: 02 1/6 yards 
Fabric OUT YTD: 69 11/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: yards
Reduction/Enhancement for October: 2 1/6 yards;
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 2 1/4 yards

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Long Week

  Tuesday, our cable started acting up and by the end of the day Wednesday, we had no internet. It didn't get fixed until 8pm today, Sunday the 15th. It has been rough living with my family when they don't have internet to intertain them!
   DH wanted the internet so badly that he  let me begin decluttering his computer room. I spent all morning Friday throwing stuff from just under his table and one wall. Today before the tech got here, I cleaned under his desk and a second wall. I still have one full wall and a desk to go. Two large trash cans were filled with stuff!       
   Saturday, I bought a new router but that didn't fix anything so I went get a new modem and arranged for a tech. The new modem didn't work either!
   The tech came today at 6pm and stayed until 8:30pm working on getting our service right. The internet is now working and the tech took the modem because the router I  bought is also a modem. Score! 
  DH and DGS#9 disappeared in their respective rooms to "play" on the internet. 

Thursday Morning Wonderings 10/12/17

Outside my window... darkness. 
I am listening to... silence which is golden.
One of my favorite things... is sewing while I listen to the radio.
One of my least favorite things... ripping out a piece of seam that is 39" long. Fixing missed quilting stitches also is not a favorite activity.
I am missing... the die to start Alexis' quilt.
I am planning... to go to school on Wednesday and to the Krotz Springs guild meeting on Thursday. I am also going to Houston on the Saturday! My friend, Cheryl, is coming for her first time.
I am trying to remember... where the templates for the KS BOM are.
I need... more royal blue and lime green fabrics and some burgundy and silver fabrics.
I am wondering... what pattern to use for DGS#9's quilt that will incorporate the t-shirt. 
I am thinking... it is time to get serious about a quilting machine considering all the quilts I need in 2017-2018. With her work load, DD#1 is falling behind on her own quilts not to mention mine.
I am super thankful... for my wonderful husband. He is the one who is suggesting we buy a longarm. I think he wants BH Leader/Ender quilt before his 80th b-day.
I am sewing on...  BBSWQ (3" borders) and BH Leader/Ender (last row).
I am deciding... on the final location for my sewing table.
My future includes... subbing from October 20 (maybe sooner) to January 9th. Piecing only on weekends and school holidays.
I am hoping... that the quilt that I  donated to Save the Ta-Ta's event will generate some commissions.
Should I...  sit and read blogs or go thru a bin or go sew on BBSWQ and BH Leader/Ender?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Design Wall October 9, 2017

Goal 1 BBSWQ (Blue Binding Star Wedding Quilt)- Add top and bottom rows to mother ship. Put 3" border all around I  black. Complete flimsy!  Oops! I ran out of black again so off to LQS.
Goal 2: BH Leader/Ender --  Pin and sew side to mother ship. Start assembling last side - trim blocks and sew remaining row.

GOAL 3: Studio --
a) Office - Pull 1 more bin from office area and go thru it. 
b) Floor - Sweep and mop floors.
c) Right side - Straighten and rearrange. Pull all lime green, royal blue, gold, burgundy, silver, and Saints fabrics. Make 2 project boxes for graduation quilts.
  Keep all left over blues together for third graduation quilt. Count Flying Home blocks.
   Hopefully, by next Monday the 16th, BBSWQ will be a completed flimsy ready to travel to DD#1's for quilting. Once BBSWQ is done  I will start the graduation quilts. DGS#9's will be the Leader/Ender for DGD#4's and visa  versa.
  It would be fantastic if BH's 2016-2017 Leader/Ender project would be a flimsy too. It won't go to DD#1 until much much later - October, 2018 so it would be ready for DH's 80th birthday in November, 2018.    DD#1 already has quilting for BBSWQ needed December 2017, 2 graduation quilts needed April 2018, and a wedding quilt due September 2018 that requires custom quilting.
  The 2017-2018 Leader/Ender challenge is Rail Fence with one rail being different. I am thinking of doing this one in blues with one row being black and silver half square triangles. Why? There are lots of blues in my stash and there will be black and silver scraps from DGS#9's quilt. Also blue was requested and black & silver are school colors. It would become the 2018 graduation quilt for DGS#8.  
   Graduation quilt for DGS#9 1/2 (foster) will be blue Flying Home blocks also with silver accents. I need to buy 2 rolls of batting for all these quilts! 
     Just thinking/planning in my head! Looks like there are lots of quilts in my future. However, BBSWQ must be finished first. Then the 2 graduation quilts for this May. Maybe I do need to invest in a quilting machine! Something to look into in Houston. Cheryl will be riding with me on the Saturday. It will be her first-time so it should be fun!
Lator Gators! BBSWQ IS calling!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Stash Report 10/8/17 & Design Wall Progress

Fabric IN This Week: 0 yards
Fabric for IN October: 0 yards
Fabric IN YTD: 67 2/3 yards
Fabric OUT This Week:  2 1/6 yards (2 pillowcases)
Fabric OUT for October: 02 1/6 yards 
Fabric OUT YTD: 69 11/12 yards
Reduction/Enhancement This Week: 2 1/6  yards
Reduction/Enhancement for October: 2 1/6 yards;
Reduction/Enhancement YTD: 2 1/4 yards
Progress on Design Wall Goals:
Left 3 blocks
Goal 1:  BBSWQ - Completed 1 row of 6 and have 3 blocks for last row completed.
1 1/2 rows
Goal 2: BH Leader/Ender -- Putting fouries, eighties, and sixteenies together to make rows. Getting it done!
GOAL 3: Studio --a) Pulled 2 bins out of office area and began going thru them. I did find dies for squares needed for Alexis' quilt. Now waiting for triangle in a square die. It is taking a trip around Texas with right address and state but wrong zip code.
  A visit to the LQS (once Goals 1 & 2 are done) will provide more Saints fabric, royal blues, lime greens, and fillers with those colors and black & gold for the half square triangles and 4 patches. It is going to be a fun quilt! While I am picking up fabric, I  will be looking for silver and burgundy fabrics for DGS#9's quilt and quilts for two 2019 graduates. 
  Let me see that is royal blue, lime green, gold, saints, burgundy, silver, and black. Oh, I also need a backing for BBSWQ. BBSWQ is a big quilt so possibly it will boost the OUT column. More fabric is coming in rather than going out which was not my yearly goal!  
 b) Desk -I cleaned table and closed it up. Then moved old quilting frame to make room in front of design wall for new sewing desk. DGS#9 moved drawers into studio and set up new station.
   I made a pillow case set for DGD#2's birthday - Halloween of course! 
  I am waiting for fabric that I won last week. 
Lator Gators! I have 3 blocks to make and a side row to attach. End is near!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Thursday Wonderings on Friday Morning

Outside my window... darkness. Spirit has been taken to bus stop.
I am listening to... Chris get ready for school.
One of my favorite things... early morning coffee while listening to grandchildren get ready for school.
One of my least favorite things...  knowing DGS#9 is not feeling well. He doesn't mind the herbs I am giving him to help but hates drinking the full glass of ice water with the pills!
I am missing... can't think of a thing except saint fabric and Go! die.
I am planning... finishing pillowcases for DGD#2's b-day present and 2 BBSWQ blocks.
I am trying to remember... where I  put DGD #4's Saints' fabrics.
I need... to finish 5 Blue Binding Star Wedding blocks. 
I am wondering... how long it will take for my GO! die to get here. The wrong zip code was put on package so it is going to Church Point, TX. Hope the person there sends it back... I really need that die! 
I am thinking... life is good! I have all I need(except die) and if I really want something I have the means to get it.
I am super thankful... for my sweet husband and DD#1.
I am sewing on... STILL - BBSWQ and BH's Leader/Ender quarter square triangles in red. I finished bottom row and am working on top row. Both will be sewn on when I finish this second row.
I am deciding... on a pattern for the graduation quilts. Roundabout Stars in royal blue and lime green with saints background and gold prints for the first. Chris' will be blocks of burgundy, black  and silver surrounding t-shirt. He really likes stars on BBSWQ so that might be what I do.
Should I...  sit and read blogs or go sew BBSWQ blocks?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Design Wall 10/2/2017

Goal 1:  BBSWQ - Working on the two 5 block rows. I have  of one row done.

GOAL 2:  BH Leader/Ender -- Working on making groups of 4.

GOAL 3: Studio --
 a) Pull 2 bins out of office area and go thru them. I found most of the fabric for Alexis' graduation quilt. The Saints fabric is still MIA as is the GO! die for triangle in a square 4" finished. I will need to plan out this quilt. Lime green and royal blue stars with saints as background with gold as fillers.
 b) Desk - DGS#9 painted solid core door for top. Next we put it on top on the bottom drawer set and I have a new sewing station.